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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Geithner on the hot seat

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner appears before the Senate Budget Committee with a plan to defend President Barack Obama’s tax plans and bank relief policies.

But Geithner may also have to defend his own actions as one of Obama’s most controversial cabinet appointments in the young administration.

When Geithner was nominated for the Treasury post, supporters said he was the only man for the job. Now a growing list of detractors wonder if he is up to the job. Some say he never was.

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Social networking: The future of politics?

Is the emergence of Facebook and other social networking sites as a political tool a sign of the next step in political engagement or an indicator of the increasing shallowness of the electoral process.

Good question.

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I’m gonna stick with my friends

In the great debate over earmarks, President Barack Obama had a choice: Show some real bipartisanship by working with Sen. John McCain against pork on the spending bill or stand with Democrats.

He chose political expedience over the lost promise of bipartisanship but — in the coming months — he is going to need Democrats more than Republicans.

Bipartisanship was a nice fantasy but it died in the face of reality.

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Congressional approval ratings rise

Public approval of Congress is on the rise, helped in part by the high job approval ratings of President Barack Obama.

The eight-point percentage gain follows a 12-point hike the month before.

A popular Congress? Can we handle this?

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