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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Coleman / Franken Update:

Norm Coleman has had several vote quests struck down by the Minnesota Second District Court, and Al Franken told a conference of Democratic Senators today that he can see a “light at the end of the tunnel.” I hope that means Al will be awarded certification on his seat by the Minnesota Court very soon. The Democrats need his vote to fight off the filibuster strength of the Republicans in the Senate.

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So much for voter reform

The voting problems of the past are behind us, right?


Some four to five million voters failed to have their vote counted in 2008 because of errors and problems, pretty much the same number whose votes were lost in 2000.

Land of the not-so-free, home of the disenfranchised.

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Oink, oink, oink: Another pork-laden spending bill

Congress sends President Barack Obama a $410 billion spending bill that is, as usual, packed with pork.

But wait. Wasn’t this supposed to be the new era? Wasn’t pork going to be a thing of the past because President Obama wouldn’t sign bills with lard?

Not exactly. Part of the new era means rewriting the rules as we go along. The new argument is that the bill doesn’t have all that much pork. It could have been worse, supporters say.

Mafia members used to say it better: New boss, same as the old boss.

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Playing the right to life card

As soon as President Barack Obama overturned former President George W. Bush’s limitations on stem-cell research, the self-righteous right wing Republicans unearthed their usual anti-abortion rhetoric.

Rick Santorum, one of the right-wing’s most zealous reactionaries, kicks off the offensive with a hit-piece on the Politico web site.

We’ve come to expect nothing less from the GOP and using a nutcase like Santorum to lead the charge showcases why the party of the elephant is so out of touch.

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Time for a new party symbol?

We are a nation in need of new animals. Because the old ones — the symbols of our two major political parties — no longer reflect reality.

The elephant must go as the Republican Party symbol. We all know that elephants never forget — and the problem today’s Republicans have is they can no longer remember.

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Obama leaves himself a loophole

President Obama has undone another controversial initiative by his predecessor, George Bush, but, as in the case of other such repeals, not as fully or totally as his supporters had hoped.

This one concerns signing statements, which until the Bush administration was an obscure practice whereby a president appends instructions on how to carry out a bill’s provisions — or dissents from those he believes unconstitutional — when he signs the measure into law.

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Soon American dictionaries may have a new definition for this word, perhaps something like:

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