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Sunday, July 21, 2024

And the budget grows…

As Obama bails out AIG and Citicorp and probably all the automobile companies, we are still not sure where the new jobs will come from… or if they will come at all. We wait to see the massive hirings to fix bridges and highways or the “shovel ready” projects from the states get started.

Yes, It’s been about a month and only a couple of weeks with the legislation in place. However, saving AIG seems to be much more important than employment, and maybe it is.

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Old rhetoric won’t save GOP

Memo to the Grand Old Pary, whose initials should really stand for Grumpy Old Politicians: Your ideas are old, your rhetoric is old and you’re old.

Like a kidney stone that has inflicted great pain on the body politic of the United States, you have passed and nobody wants to go through that pain again.

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Another Republican wimp sucks up to Limbaugh

After first appearing to have a little backbone and standing up to right wing blowhard Rush Limbaugh, Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele backs down and grovels — just like every other member of the party of the elephant.

Hope he brought some KY.

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Memos detail how Bush ignored Constitution

In the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Bush administration determined that certain constitutional rights would not apply as the U.S. stepped up its response to terrorism, according to documents released to the public for the first time.

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Lawmakers start whacking away at Obama’s budget

President Barack Obama’s proposed tax increases are being met with misgivings by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress as he sends his Treasury secretary to Capitol Hill to defend them.

Lawmakers in both parties question Obama’s call to reduce high-income earners’ tax deductions for the interest on their house payments and for charitable contributions. Also drawing fire is his proposal to start taxing industries on their greenhouse gas pollution — a move sure to raise consumers’ electric rates.

Obama and his top aides have been promoting the budget package since unveiling an outline last week, but Tuesday will provide the lawmakers their first opportunity to publicly question top officials about the details.

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Can pork serve the greater good?

President Obama, who campaigned against earmarks, is about to sign a $410 billion spending bill containing 8,570 of lawmakers’ personal pork projects. The watchdog Taxpayers for Common Sense says the earmarks add up to $7.7 billion.

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Our problems go deeper than just the economy

It’s difficult to find a noun or adjective related to the circumstance of disaster that hasn’t been used to describe our current economic dilemma.

It’s been called a "crisis" many times. Sometimes the crisis "deepens." Other times it "cascades." President Obama warns that inaction could turn "crisis into a catastrophe."

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A wise politician should learn to just say ‘no’

If you are a prominent politician with big time ambitions, say like running for president, and someone approaches you about delivering your party’s response to the incumbent chief executive’s address to the Congress, State of the Union or otherwise, you probably should come down with a sudden case of laryngitis.

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