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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Palin and Jindal: The best the Republicans can do?

As conservatives gather in Washington this weekend for their annual flogging of anything and everything that doesn’t conform to their myopic view of the world, they plan to cheer what the failing Republican Party calls its "rising stars:" Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

If these two whack jobs represent the future of the Republican Party, it is a party without a future.

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Obama’s budget: Blueprint for a changed America

President Barack Obama has launched a bid to transform the US political landscape, with a 3.55-trillion-dollar budget mapping out the sweeping scale of his administration’s ambitions.

The document handed to Congress bristled with spending on healthcare, climate change, the military and education, included a rosy prediction of a return to growth next year and raised taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

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Feds ready another deal to save Citigroup

The government is on the verge of closing a deal to significantly boost its ownership stake in Citigroup. In return, it will demand changes be made on the troubled banking giant’s board and other conditions, according to a person with knowledge of the discussions.

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Obama’s plans: Long on hype, short on details

President Obama has taken to heart the cheerleading aspect of his job. We have yet to see how his plans will work in real life.

His proposed budget is like a dazzling magical, mirrored box — reflecting what you want to see. It has money for health care. It promises an end to waste, fraud and abuse. It addresses climate change. The billions we spend each year on Iraq and Afghanistan are finally on the books.

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Trillion? Get used to that word

President Obama’s new budget, unprecedented in size, scope and borrowed, money takes the federal government’s finances into uncharted realms. Someone who never ran an enterprise larger than his Senate office staff is asking Congress and the American people to put a lot of trust in his financial savvy.

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