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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Hay, what happened?

Readers noticed a dramatic change in Capitol Hill Blue Tuesday. The new design launched at the beginning of the year disappeared, replaced by our previous format.

Several emails asked: "What the heck happened?"

The answer is simple. The new design didn’t work.  Too many of our readers reported problems with the page loading and formatting problems with their browsers. We also encountered a number of internal problems.

So I pulled the plug on the old design and restored the previous templates for pages that we knew worked for most readers.

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Obama revises Iraq withdrawal timetable

President Barack Obama is close to issuing an order to withdraw the bulk of US military forces from Iraq by August 2010, the New York Times reported Wednesday, citing senior administration officials.

The order would give the US military 19 months to pull out, three months more than the promise Obama made while campaigning for president in 2008.

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Obama says it’s OK to hope once again

President Barack Obama gave America the audacity to hope again.

After describing the U.S. economy in nearly apocalyptic terms for weeks, pushing his $787 billion stimulus plan through Congress, the president used his address to Congress on Tuesday night to tap the deep well of American optimism — the never-say-die spirit that every president tries to capture in words. And great presidents embody.

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Grasping at straws? Let’s grasp

With consumer confidence at a record low, home prices in record decline, a major stock-market index at a 12-year low, stocks selling so low that the New York Stock Exchange is considering listing penny stocks and major retailers reporting a significant decline in profits, we may be grasping at straws here. BUT:

Federal Reserve Board chief Ben Bernanke is telling Congress that the recession could — could — end this year and we’ll be on our way to recovery next year. He called that "a reasonable prospect."

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