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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Fix recession first, then tackle the deficit

Just how worrisome our national debt has become was readily evident when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly thanked the Chinese for buying so much of it.

The national debt is the cumulative total of the federal government’s annual budget deficits, which got out of control during the Bush administration and are now, it is generally agreed, at unsustainable levels. They erode our economic power internationally and cede a certain amount of control over our economy to outsiders.

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Gloom becomes self-fulfilling prophecy

With psychology playing such a major role in the deepening world economic crisis, it is more urgent than ever for those assigned with trying to find a way out to at least display a stiff upper lip. Yet politicians can’t resist doing what they do best, shooting off their mouths and producing dire consequences.

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Obama faces high stakes in speech to Congress

President Barack Obama takes center stage on Tuesday to try to sell the American people on his broader agenda for jolting the United States out of deep recession and confronting long-term economic challenges.

Riding high in opinion polls, Obama will deliver a State of the Union-style address at 9 p.m. EST in his first appearance before a joint session of Congress since he took office five weeks ago.

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