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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A Kettle of Keystone Kops Kalling a medical Pot black

 Last week, an Illinois jury nullified our state laws against possession of pot by finding an older, maimed good citizen  ( a vet, no less) innocent of pot traffic’ing charges. 

Yesterday, three South American ex-presidents "ex-pressed" their disdain for US pot laws, asking for their repeal.

Numerous state and national organizations, from the American Bar Association (No, that is rarely a pub crawling group, unless they are attending a national legal conference someplace) to numerous medical and scientific groups. 

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Letter sent today to President Barack Obama

Dear President Obama:

Today you stated that “Americans should perform acts of kindness to help the poor.” That’s insane.

Let the corporations and financial sectors perform “acts of kindness”.

They have taken from us all they can and now so many have nothing. Legislators have permitted it. Legislators know no better because THEY LIVE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD THAN THE REST OF US.

Your stimulus plan has too many absurdities. They don’t help the economy and don’t help the majority of us who need help.

Peter Stern

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