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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Catholic Rules

I am catholic, by faith, question, Why don’t they take the iniative to change Priests and allow them to marry? Other religions do, is it the money, power or greed of the church. It’s 2009 and it still remains the same! Just like “annulment”, I so disagree with getting one, because my marriage didn’t work out, it was taken care of by the state laws, again, is it money, power or greed? Just because the church rules, I have children, now grown, that can’t be ruled away in an annulment, however, I am still cast away as far as re-marrying in the church without one, how really fair is that?

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Obama Readies Campaign-Style Approach to Stimulus

President Obama retreated to the serenity of Camp David for the first time this afternoon, stepping back briefly from a presidency that has quickly found itself tested by a loyal opposition and the loss of the pitch-perfect tone that helped sweep him to office.

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