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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Financing Roadways


a. Implement a small business tax [half penny] for roadways.

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Toll Roads 4 Dummies?

A good toll road is no toll road at all.

But don’t take my word for it. Just ask people in New York, New Jersey, Florida and California. They’ve had toll roads for years and have increased traffic congestion, high toll costs, excessive noise and high levels of environmental pollution.

If there’s an ounce of dignity and the need to do the right thing, we must speak out against toll road projects and plans and force legislators to find better alternatives.

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Obama enjoys high initial approval ratings

President Barack Obama begins his administration with one of the highest public approval records in modern time — second only to John F. Kennedy.

A new Gallup poll shows 68 percent of those surveyed approve of Obama’s job performance so far — a better initial score than George W. Bush, Bill Clinton or even Ronald Reagan.

The numbers also mean Obama must meet high expectations from a public that is expecting results.

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Gates provides continuity for Obama

While the presidential campaign and President Barack Obama’s initial post-election formal statements have focused heavily on the economy, national security arguably is where the new administration has the greatest independent authority — and faces the most significant challenges, directly involving life and death decisions.

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What seems to be the problem here?

Why is filling a vacant Senate seat suddenly so difficult?

Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential race left his Senate seat vacant and there were a host of qualified Illinois politicians eager to fill it. Gov. Rod Blagojevich had a plan to simplify the selection — sell it to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, this didn’t sit well with federal prosecutors.

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