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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Rain on the Parade…!

I don’t post all that often to my blog. I consider it a privilege that Doug Thompson has allowed site registrants to do so, therefore I don’t abuse his generosity.

My wife and I voted for President Obama like millions of other citizens, but in recent weeks I’ve been researching his choices for cabinet members and assistants.

Too my grave concern it has the stamp of the Clinton administration stamped all over his choices.

He promised change from 28 years of Bush~Clinton~Bush regimes, but his appointees attest to somewhat a different agenda.

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‘I, Barack Hussein Obama . . .’

Left hand resting on an ancient, sacred text, right hand raised to write a new chapter of the American story, Barack Obama stood on a platform at the Capitol, poised to recite the presidential oath of office. He turned his face toward the slanting, winter sun.

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