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Monday, July 15, 2024

Mutts like us can do it

Barack Obama is not the only mutt in America. I am a English-German-Polish-African-Cherokee-once straight now gay-American. How about you, what is your mix? Does it matter? As we enter the Obama generation, many are showing how brilliant they are in offering up criticisms before the fact, some are holding their breath hoping for the best, and some are actually taking up the new President’s challenge to “be the change we seek.”

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AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: The GOP just “ain’t” Republican any more

Moanin’ the Grand Old Party Blues

I’ve been a registered Republican since the Eisenhower administration — for those of you too young or too old to recall, that is since the late 1950’s — and yes, I’m old!

The current GOP just “ain’t” the same. Over the years it’s evolved into something totally different.

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Stimulus plan could fuel Obama’s presidency

The economic crisis that will dominate Barack Obama’s first 100 days as president, and beyond, will give him a rare chance to enact big portions of his agenda that otherwise might have languished for months or years.

Not since Franklin D. Roosevelt has a new president been poised to pack so many ambitious, costly — and, under more normal circumstances, highly contentious — projects into one fast-moving bill. As in 1933, a frightening economic collapse makes the quick political work possible, choking off longer debates and possible opposition that many of the initiatives would have faced in better times.

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Democrats seek to repeal tax breaks for banks

House Democrats’ version of the $825 billion recession rescue package would end billions of dollars in tax breaks the Bush administration quietly gave to banks last fall.

Already almost exclusive beneficiaries of a $700 billion Wall Street bailout, banks are largely left out of the House stimulus package that President-elect Barack Obama wants passed quickly through Congress. Those getting financial bailout money wouldn’t even be eligible for one of the main business tax breaks aimed at priming the economic pump.

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Stimulus plan is ambitious but still might not work

Barack Obama and his congressional allies are gambling that the largest public spending program since World War II and a new round of tax cuts will pry the economy from the recession’s iron grip and avert another Depression.

But what if they’re wrong?

Some conservative economists say that additional stimulus may only prolong the grief at best, triggering runaway inflation down the road and resulting in an even more bloated federal bureaucracy.

"I think the economy will recover regardless of what Washington does. But the long-term effect here will be to reduce the standard of living of the next generation because they will be saddled with all this debt," said Chris Edwards of the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute.

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Obama’s Path to Faith Has Been Eclectic

The presidential inauguration ceremony on Tuesday will begin and end with prayers from two men whom Barack Obama considers role models, advisers and dear friends. One, Joseph Lowery, is an 87-year-old black liberal Methodist from the Deep South who spent his career fighting for civil rights. The…

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