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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

A View on the Israeli military action from the Council on Foreign Relations

An organization with a clear perspective, unlike those idiots with absolutely no knowledge of history who post claiming “the Israelis have learned from their Nazi masters” (a claim which in addition to be absurd, is offensive in the extreme to me as a child of Holocaust survivors who lost everyone to the Nazi Genocide).


Author: Max Boot, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies

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The Gaza Wars: Some reality and “food for thought”

Interesting perspective that we Americans don’t often consider, with some options for additional reading:


taken from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz

ANALYSIS / Solution to Gaza crisis requires pan-Arab effort

By Zvi Bar’el

January 4, 2009

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Let’s put aside the anger and hate and move on

As lame-duck President George W. Bush enters the last two weeks of his Presidency, the anger over his actions during the past eight years appears to be on the rise.

Much appears to stem not just from anger over his policies or his actions but instead from a deep-seeded hatred of the man.

Regular readers of this column know I disagree strongly with many of Bush’s policies and actions. I’ve been hypercritical of his administration.

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Obama returns to a crisis-filled Washington

President-elect Barack Obama flew into Washington this weekend on the wings of hope and into a storm of issues that will challenge his Presidency when he takes office in 15 days.

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And the winner is…Al Franken…maybe

The state Canvassing Board was poised to certify the results of the recount in Minnesota’s grueling Senate election in Al Franken’s favor — but that doesn’t mean the race is definitely over.

The board was to meet Monday and was expected to declare which candidate received the most overall votes from nearly 3 million ballots cast. The latest numbers showed Franken, a Democrat, with a 225-vote lead over Republican Sen. Norm Coleman, who led Franken on election night.

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On broken truces, proportionality, and embargoes

I’ve read a number of posts on this site that say it wasn’t Hamas that “really” broke the truce, it was broken by an Israeli response into Gaza on Nov 5th, 2008.

The reality is that Hamas had already broken the truce several times before it was a week old:

“Gaza Rockets Again Break Hamas Truce Pledge
By MARK LAVIE, Associated Press | June 26, 2008

JERUSALEM � Gaza militants fired two rockets into southern Israel today, further straining a shaky, week-old truce as Israel kept vital Gaza border crossings closed in response.

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