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Saturday, July 20, 2024

“I was dismayed by my voting record. . . ” Caroline Kennedy

“I was dismayed. . . ”

This is standard political code used when your opponent just inserted a lower appendage into his/her oral cavity and began to chew. This might also be the first time that the “dismayed” person is the one whose actions are the source of the dismay.

“. . . about my voting record.”

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New prescription for victory in Afhanistan.

Word on the street is that more and more Afhani warlords are seeing blue over rising hopes for more elections in tribal areas. But maybe I heard one word wrong. With some of those diarects it’s hard to tell.

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Biden: Deal near on stimulus plan

The incoming Obama administration is nearing agreement with congressional Democrats on a huge emergency spending bill intended to jolt the weak U.S. economy and create 3 million jobs over two years, Vice President-elect Joe Biden said on Tuesday.

Asked whether an agreement on the shape of the stimulus bill would be reached by Christmas, Biden said: "I think we’re getting awful close to that."

But he refused to divulge how much the measure would cost taxpayers once the team of President-elect Barack Obama takes office on January 20.

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Bush reverses one of his pardons

The pardons President George W. Bush granted this week couldn’t have been better Christmas gifts if Santa himself had delivered them.

But a Brooklyn, N.Y., man, Isaac Robert Toussie, received the legal equivalent of a lump of coal.

Toussie, convicted of making false statements to the Housing and Urban Development Department and of mail fraud, was among 19 people pardoned Tuesday.

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