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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Seven Quick and Easy Steps to Plan a Research Paper

It is that time of the academic year again when “research paper” becomes the dreaded phrase. With almost all subjects requiring the same lengthy writing task, you as a student will feel exhausted just thinking about how you can beat the deadline.

Although having an eager friend or using a professional’s help can help you solve the problem, it is still wiser to know the in and outs of writing a research paper. To help you get started, below is a checklist of the things you must consider in your academic writing task.

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What You Don’t Know About Rudolph

When I was assigned an interview with a bunch of famous reindeer, I could not have known how difficult it would be to get to the bottom of the Rudolph myth. Neither could I have known how complicated would be the logistics involved in getting reindeer witnesses together to talk. Luckily, Sarah Palin offered to supply the right information, since reindeer gather enmasse in her yard, the one that backs up to Russia. When I used the word enmasse, Governor Palin offered that no, she was not Catholic and did not attend Mass. I let that one go.

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