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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Why Would Obama Play By the Rules Now?

After an election blighted for Democrats by getting caught at blatant voter fraud, inexperienced lead candidate, smiling liar VP old retread, O lying about taking the public money, O accepting all sorts of tainted funds from questionable sources and O getting caught by a plumber in a question and admitting his socialist-spread-the-wealth-hidden-agenda, why would O make any effort to play by the rules now?
One of O’s “change makers” is 81 years old although MOST are old Clinton hacks from way back.
We were not at all surprised that McCain gave up without any vestage of a fight.

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Critics rap MSNBC, Matthews

Both come under increasing criticism as more details emerge about the extent of the pundit’s preparations . See also: Matthews in contract talks, advised to quit

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