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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Are we Back in the Crusades Again?

Is Islam responsible for the attack on Mumbai of India? I’m hearing from many that this is just one of thousands of Islamic attacks all over the world.

Is America officially at war with Islam? How do we do this? How do we get a breakdown of Muslims and Islam? The World Almanac in 2004 tells us that there are over 2 billion Muslims in the world and 4 and a half million in North America.

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Obama’s picks: Big names, big egos, big gambles

Can Barack Obama bring change to Washington by turning to a varied collection of power players, political insiders and established names for his cabinet and senior staff?

Is change even part of the picture now that the election is over?

Good questions.

As Obama continues to assemble his team, the "new" government of President-elect Obama has all the trappings of former administrations — particularly Bill Clinton’s — and could set the new President up for charges of selling out on his promises to bring change to the Presidency and government.

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Franken may turn to the courts

If he is unable to win at the ballot box, comedian-turned-politician Al Franken may turn to the courts to gain a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Recent rulings by Minnesota’s canvassing board have put Franken in the hole in his bid to unseat incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman.

News reports say Franken is "eyeing his options" after disputed absentee ballots were thrown out and those options might include taking the matter to court.

In other words, another election decided not by the courts but by men and women who got their jobs through election or political appointment.

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Adviser Who Insulted Clinton Has Role in Transition

Samantha Power, the Harvard professor who was forced to resign from Barack Obama’s presidential campaign last spring after calling Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton “a monster,” is now advising the president-elect on transition matters relating to the State Department — which Clinton is slated to head.

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Minority Advocates Watching Obama

Barack Obama’s friend and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett likens the effort of piecing together a Cabinet for the president-elect to assembling a puzzle. The co-chair of his transition, John D. Podesta, promised that his team will “keep our eye on the ball” as it attempts to balance racial diversity,…

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U.S. Moves Ahead on Oil, Gas Leases on Public Land

A decision by federal officials this week to press ahead with a controversial sale of oil and gas leases in eastern Utah is stoking the debate over how to balance the nation’s needs for fossil fuels against concerns over the environmental impact on iconic national parks and other sensitive areas.

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