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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Foreclosures looming for businesses

Black Friday’s retail shoppers hunting for holiday bargains won’t be enough to stave off what’s likely to become the next economic crisis. Malls from Michigan to Georgia are entering foreclosure, commercial victims of the same events poisoning the housing market.

Hotels in Tucson, Ariz., and Hilton Head, S.C., also are about to default on their mortgages.

That pace is expected to quicken. The number of late payments and defaults will double, if not triple, by the end of next year, according to analysts from Fitch Ratings Ltd., which evaluates companies’ credit.

"We’re probably in the first inning of the commercial mortgage problem," said Scott Tross, a real estate lawyer with Herrick Feinstein in New Jersey.

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It’s Black Friday…and madness begins

On Black Friday, the Christmas season officially begins.

And so I’m always reminded of my dear Grandma Victoria, for whom my eldest daughter is named. One year when I was very little, she apparently arrived from Ohio on Christmas Eve to find the presents for us five kids spilling out from under the tree far onto the living room floor. (My dad had a flair for excess.) Anyway, having been a mother of young children during the Great Depression, she was nothing less than horrified. Much later, it was revealed that that particular Christmas she decided we kids had "more than enough" gifts, and so she packed up her own presents which she had intended to give to us, and took them right back to Toledo with her, wrappings and all.

Guess what? Apparently we all survived just fine.

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Obama, like Gandhi, befriended his Enemies, but Gandhi didn’t overdue it

Mahatma Gandhi is said to have invented nonviolence but he called it Truth-Force or Satyagraha, which is in part a genuine attempt to befriend your enemies. The crowds cheered Gandhi and Obama for overlapping reasons. Nonviolence wasn’t thought up as a clever tactic, but coming out of genuine respect for all life.

Gandhi didn’t want to ever physically strike, or kill anyone, or even subject someone else to ridicule or scorn. Boycott and sit-down strikes developed out of trial and error, in pushing for what he wanted without hurting anyone.

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Obama Memorabilia Is Selling Like Hotcakes

As a pointless exercise in self-flagellation, it’s fun to look back and wonder how you should have invested your money in the last year. You’d have ditched stocks and bonds, of course, and you would have avoided real estate. And if you really had foresight, you would have bet the rent on Barack…

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Ex-Defense Contractor Helps With Other Probes

Mitchell Wade, the former defense contractor who pleaded guilty in February 2006 to bribing former representative Randall “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif.), has assisted the government in investigating five other members of Congress, numerous government employees and several private contractors,…

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EPA, Interior Dept. Chiefs Will Be Busy Erasing Bush’s Mark

Few federal agencies are expected to undergo as radical a transformation under President-elect Barack Obama as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department, which have been at the epicenter of many of the Bush administration’s most intense scientific and environmental controver…

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