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Saturday, February 4, 2023

We shall overcome

America seriously needs a lesson in civics, most particularly the Bill of Rights. In three states this past Tuesday, as voters took a historic leap forward in electing Barrack Obama, they simultaneously said “separate and not really equal” to gays and lesbians. But we will not give up, we will not accept second class citizenship, and one day, we shall overcome.

We shall overcome
We shall overcome
We shall overcome some day

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It’s time to stop worshipping Reagan

Shiite Republicans are up in arms over President-elect Obama’s supposed attack on the Reagan legacy in his press conference this week.

Obama made a joke — that didn’t work — about Nancy Reagan and seances, and then had the class to call Mrs. Reagan personally and apologize for it.

But the Fox News, Limbaugh/Hannity crowd is all over him, saying it shows he lacks class and is going to be a buffoon as president.

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Guilt by association; McCarthyism in the 21st Century

On Election day, William Ayres gave the press an interview. He also publicly addressed his association with President Elect Obama that Sarah Palin and the lie, cheat and steal Republican party tried to make an issue in this past election. You can read Ayres side at the link below.

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Apparently, though the Republican Party, the McCain campaign, even Sarah Palin herself, did not start the smear of guilt by association. The Clintons did.

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Why Are Some So Angry at Obama? This is information that may discourage would be assassins

Obama when he was debating Richardson, Richardson forgot the question and began answering another one. Obama whispered to him to remind him off the question. Later when Bill Richardson dropped out, he endorsed Obama, not his good personal friend Hillary. This at first made Hillary extremely angry, believing Obama wasn’t supposed to be able to steal one of her best friends and in her anger she began putting her foot in her mouth.

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A relaxed Obama and ‘Mutts like me’

It popped out casually, a throwaway line as he talked to reporters about finding the right puppy for his young daughters.

But with just three offhanded words in his first news conference as president-elect, Barack Obama reminded everyone how thoroughly different his administration — and inevitably, this country — will be.

"Mutts like me."

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Palin strikes back at ‘cowards’

Gov. Sarah Palin denounced anonymous criticisms leveled at her by former John McCain aides as lies, including allegations that Republican lawyers were traveling to Alaska to reclaim her high-priced wardrobe and that she didn’t know Africa was a continent.

"Those accounts are not true," the former Republican vice presidential candidate said in her first public comments on the matter since the election Tuesday.

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