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Sunday, February 5, 2023

A little political song and dance

Some of you may have wondered how I’ve stayed sane in the last weeks of the presidential election campaign, assuming, of course, you think I was ever sane, a point of contention in some circles.

I became a thespian. I realize that being a thespian does not sound the most muscular thing for one who styles himself as the Crocodile Dundee of the suburbs, especially as my part calls for me to wear feathers and tights.

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Everything new is old again

For all the change supposedly blowing into Washington in this election, the face of the new Congress, aside from having around two-dozen more Democrats, won’t change all that much.

To be sure, there will be new people around the U.S. Capitol — about 60, in the House and at least nine in the Senate.

And based on victories declared for all but a dozen or so contests around the nation, Democrats will outnumber Republicans by 80-some votes in the House, the biggest majority since 1992, while holding a solid majority of at least 56 in the Senate.

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What now for Sarah Palin?

Can Sarah Palin go home again?

In the 68 days since Alaska’s governor began her run for vice president, things have changed on the home front. Some of her former allies are fuming, and former enemies are lying in wait. Public perceptions of the governor have also changed. Has the governor changed as well?

Questions about Palin’s future began to circulate at Alaska’s Election Central on Tuesday night almost as soon as the national election results came in.

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Rejecting sweet innocence, a key to the Democratic sweep

Sarah Palin succeeded as an athlete, and as a beauty queen, separate fields not many succeed at. She also created a very impressive sports stadium for a small town, and is working toward successes in politics, and advocacy toward certain political or moral causes.

When one’s comments get too shrill, during the heat of an argument, it is helpful to try to cool it afterwards. Some are inclined to decide she represents either goodness or evil, which is bad for our internal, well being as well as, all our general understandings on how this world operates.

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