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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Massachusetts racism: My blue state has a pink stripe

The map showing areas across the country where people changed their party vote from four years ago is very telling. It designates shifts with shades of red and blue. The shift showing Kerry to McCain votes this year has a not totally surprising red and pink stripe through Appalachia. With pink indicating slightly more people voting Republican in this election, there’s a pink stripe from southeastern Massachusetts through the center of the state to its northern border. Could this be due to racism in our reliably blue state?

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More on “can things really change”

Submitted by Kibitzer on November 5, 2008 – 8:04pm.
He talked about how the Constitution is all about “negative liberties” – ie, what the state can’t do to the individual, deprive you of free speech, etc. But he bemoaned the fact that it never referred to “what the federal government must do on your behalf”.

This is why I’m not so sure that he actually sees the Constitution as the framework on which the government is based…and it’s limitations as well. This is pretty much what I was afraid of.

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Message from Leonard Peltier

Below here is a new letter from COINTELPRO prisoner Leonard Peliter, responding to the election of Barack Obama. For more on Leonard’s case go to his website or watch ‘Incident at Oglala’ here:

part one:

part two:


My Relatives and Friends,

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Time to talk issues; what and how

OK, after talking politics for a very long time, it’s time to talk issues. As promised in past blogs, I am ready. So here goes.

What issues do you think are the most important for the new Obama administration?

How do you think they should be addressed?

My take is get the hell out of Iraq so we can stop spending $4566 PER SECOND in Iraq.

Let the Iraqi’s take over rebuilding their country.

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With 70 days left to go, is anyone watching Bush?

George W. Bush has done so much to damage this country, it is a relief to have Obama elected.

But 70 days is a long time… and Bush could still make the mess he created worse. What could he do with the military, say, by creating a shakeup with Iran? Or how could he make the financial crisis be worse?

And Cheney… Cheney is still in place and he worries me more than Bush, primarily because we NEVER see what he is doing.

One thing the blogs will do is stay as much on top of Bush as possible.

I hope.

Under The LobsterScope

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So, what’s in it for you?

The election of Barack Obama was a transformational moment in American politics, a seismic shift in the political landscape, a rejection of the old, hard-edged ideologically driven campaigns.

And so perhaps you, like so many other Americans, are asking, "What’s in it for me?"

The answer comes back in these perilous financial times — a steady job in the Obama administration. It’s well-paid work, white-collar, indoors, no heavy lifting and good for four years and, with luck, maybe eight.

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The real meaning of Obama’s victory

President-elect Barack Obama’s win is so cataclysmically historic one knows not where to begin. First, his victory signifies the death of the Old South and President Nixon’s infamous "Southern Strategy," which the GOP has used successfully for almost four decades to win presidential elections.

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Being black and white in America

Summer, 1990. I’m looking something up in the Harvard Law Review, and I notice the name of the review president on the issue’s masthead: Barack Obama. My first thought (I’m white, by the way): A black guy is president of the Harvard Law Review. My second thought: He’s got one of those "radical" names politicized people gave their kids in the 1960s. My third thought: I wonder if this is an affirmative action thing?

Welcome to being black in America.

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Redefining campaign finance

Here in the company town of Washington, D.C. the assembly lines spent 2008 mass producing their one industrial product that can’t be outsourced and has made the city gloriously recession-proof.

So they were blithely working their craft — manufacturing loopholes — in gleaming factories on K Street and in sweatshops on Capitol Hill and the executive bureaucracy. Suddenly truth gave them a kick in the aspirations.

One of their most lucrative loopholes was unraveling, right before their disbelieving eyes.

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