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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Election Day Bonus

Hey THAT was neat….and as an added bonus to voting in my first election as a free citizen of this republic vs. a subject of the crown…now I get to be (very momentarily) famous too.

It all started with my wife and I at our local polling station.

Without prior consultation, both of us decided to do a write in as neither of us was going to vote for an incumbant of any stripe, especially not an unopposed one for the House seat.

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ODE TO TBN — Jim Silvers – writer

He reached his hand right through the tube and picked my pocket bare
I never saw it coming sitting in my easy chair
Midst all the fire and brimstone I got frightened confused
Was Satan knocking on my door, Oh Lord what should I do

In the passion of the moment, re-living all my sins
It seemed the quickest fix was just to reach out for my pen
And sign away my worldly goods, so Satan would retreat
And let me drink my beer in peace, in my easy seat

Oh TBN I thank you, for making these house calls

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What a long, strange trip it’s been

America’s longest, most expensive, most polled, most scrutinized, most studied presidential campaign comes to an end Tuesday with unexpected candidates on the ballot.

In 2005, Republican Party insiders expected Sen. George Allen of Virginia most likely to be the nominee. His biggest selling point: He was the candidate who most resembled George W. Bush. Today, Allen is out of the Senate and the president is virtually in hiding.

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Voters line up to deliver history

Long lines have formed as polls open in Eastern states as Barack Obama’s bid to become the first black president faced the final test of his remarkable two-year journey Tuesday, while Republican John McCain pressed for an Election Day upset.

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Paid GOP workers lied to voters

Four employees hired by a temporary staffing agency to encourage absentee voting for Republican presidential candidate John McCain say they were instructed to tell people they were GOP volunteers.

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Barack and John’s excellent adventure

By the time you read this column, there’s a good chance that you’ll be already beginning to think about the election of 2008 in the past tense. And many Americans may join you in relief at watching this campaign fade into history. I suppose I will, too.

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OK, you got the job…now what?

The next supreme leader of the United States should take the oath of office with his sleeves rolled up. The few seconds required for the Chief Justice of the United States to swear him in are about all he will have to enjoy before beginning to wonder why in heaven’s name he thought running for this office was a good idea.

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A real November surprise

Here’s a November surprise: what pols promise during campaigns really tends to guide what they do once elected.

Political candidates, at least those elected to Congress in recent years, do at least try to follow up on most of the priorities they claim in their campaign ads, according to a new study by an Illinois political scientist.

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