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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

October Surprise?

Would the good, upstanding, moral, religious, pro-America Bush Administration sink so low as to use an “October Surprise” to swing the election for McCain?

[I do hope you detected the note of irony in that sentence.]

At this point, the electoral vote is so solidly in Obama’s favor, that it would take one heck of a surprise to swing the election the other way. One wonders what would constitute such a surprise.

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The Ghost Of Joe McCarthy

The Ghost of Joe McCarthy – Jim Silvers – writer

They called the man a hero, for years he played the part
We knew he had the guts and will, we thought he had the heart
But somewhere in that prison, they sowed an awful seed
That made him think he was absolved from any future deed

When he made it to the Senate, his honor was intact
And when he made a few wrong moves, he somehow pulled it back
But the seed that they’d implanted, took root within his soul
As ambition grew unfettered, the hero lost his hold

And the ghost of Joe McCarthy is howling from the grave

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With one word McCain admits the whole Obama Bill Ayers judgment, tainted by ACORN charges were big fat lies.

(Halloween update added here) For weeks we heard McCain and Palin and their surrogates tell us that Barack Obama’s judgment was in question because he palled around with Bill Ayers. He was supposedly tainted by his “connection” with ACORN. Commercials with Rezko were aired suggesting guilt by association with a convicted felon. Outside the actual campaign right wing bloviaters added Reverend Wright as proof Obama lacked good judgment, or worse, agreed with some of Wright’s inflammatory rhetoric. Now McCain admits Obama’s character is just fine. Now they admit it. It all was a big fat lie.

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So insecure they depend on the exterior
To secure the interior
Afraid of shadows
In search for the loudest voice
To blend themselves and say We Are
Without identity, shackled in inferior complexity.

We are the world, what we say obtains
But who decide I know not
Nor reasons for the stand we take
But down the line for me is okay
Between conscious and unconscious emotions
Cos’ reasons to hide lies within
To cover the fear of standing alone
And risk the expose of natural stupidity.

It’s not found in the group I keep
Neither in the level I operate
It is me.
Positions I take despite the craze
What I do in secret when no eye sees
Shape I took from the mould of life’s experiences
My platform in discourse
Identity is what it takes to say I am.

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McCain is misleading on nuclear power…

I watched McCain give a speech in Florida where he pushed his regular piece about the safety of nuclear power… and his complaint that Obama will consider it,but has a problem with spent fuel. And then he said that the French recycles their waste and “we always want to be like the French” and he laughed.

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Whack job? You betcha!

Senior aides to Sen. John McCain tell reporters his flakey running mate is "a whack job."

A couple of days earlier, those same aides called her "a diva."

And a couple of days earlier, they said she had "gone rogue."

Ah, you gotta love the smell of death on a political morning. With less than a week to go, the flies and buzzards are already gathering around the dying campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

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Obama leads in four key states

Barack Obama, gunning for a national landslide, now leads in four states won by President Bush in 2004 and is essentially tied with John McCain in two other Republican red states, according to new AP-GfK battleground polling.

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Driving off the bridge to nowhere

Sen. Ted Stevens is an institution in Washington, D.C., and Alaska, where he moved before it was a state. He is legendary for the hundreds of millions of dollars he directs to his state, which leads the nation in its per capita share of federal funds and, say watchdog groups, pork per person. (Stevens was behind the notorious "bridge to nowhere.") He is a seven-term senator and the Senate’s senior Republican.

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What if…Obama is not that good?

In some ways, he has seemed too good to be true, this spectacular Democratic star named Barack Obama, this honest, moderate, nonpartisan, interest-shorn, unifying candidate for president, this harbinger of change, this vessel of hope.

And the truth is he is not that good, that he has sometimes been a scheming, manipulative panderer, that he divides to conquer, that he scrapes and bows to special interests and that the change he offers is more collectivism, not fewer of the bad old Washington ways.

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