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Sunday, July 14, 2024

“I do not want a black man running my country” – McCain Supporters in PA say “Bomb Obama”

Watch the video here:

A new video posted to Youtube shows McCain/Palin supporters spewing racism and hate at peaceful pro-Obama demonstrators outside a McCain/Palin rally Oct. 27 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

One older gentleman early in the video shouts “Bomb Obama!” at the videographer and Obama supporters. Asked by the videographer what that means, the man says, “Get rid of him,” then gestures indicating this means assassinating Obama.

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Can Conservatives Find a Home in the Democratic Party?

We pretty much see the abject failure of today’s Republican Party far and wide.
Admit it, the GOP has become the standard bearer for socialism.
There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING conservative about today’s Republican Party.

You’re right when you trash talk ultra-liberalism because when you get right down to it the only economic difference between ultra lefties and today’s Republicans is that one admits that they prefer socialism for the masses and the latter WILL NOT admit to being the driving force behind socialism/welfare for the wealthy.

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Reviewing Four Decades.

This is the 10th Presidential election that I have been eligible to vote in – 40 years of watching politicians get elected, some that I supported, most that I didn’t. I look back to my college days at Northwestern where, as a Freshman from the Northeast, I entered as a Republican from a Republican family, but where I changed into a Democrat with a profound interest in what a vote for a candidate actually meant.

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$4566 per second in Iraq buys a lot of other stuff we need

What We Could Have Spent The Iraq War Funding On

When the Sunday morning political pundits began talking last year about the tab for the war in Iraq hitting $1 trillion, Rob Simpson sprang from his sofa in indignation.

“Why aren’t people outraged about this? Why aren’t we hearing about it?” Simpson said. And then it came to him: “Nobody knows what a trillion dollars is.”

The amount _ $1,000,000,000,000 _ was just too big to comprehend.

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It’s the last week and the McCain/Palin campaign is at the edge of despair…

What a week this is starting to be! Obama is tying up a controlled and well thought out campaign with the support of more and more people (including leading Republican spokespeople and influential Independents), while McCain and Palin, supported by the most extreme 527 groups, are trying anything to smear the Democratic candidate and are resorting to tricks to turn the numbers around.

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Pastor Agnostic’s Sermon from the Church of Ineffable Stupidity

1636 – The Massachusetts General Court provided 400 pounds to support a school or college, and so, Harvard University was founded in Cambridge, MA.

1904 – Fingerprinting was first used by the St. Louis Police Department.


As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.
— Adolf Hitler


a) Senator Ted Stevens, R, Alaska, Convict

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Both sides vow to fight to the end

The one week countdown to the most hardfought presidential election in history gets underway Tuesday with Barack Obama and John McCain vowing to fight to the finish for every last vote.

The White House rivals were to hold competing rallies Tuesday in the rust-belt state of Pennsylvania before splitting, with Republican McCain fighting a rearguard action in North Carolina and Obama heading to Virginia.

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Can McCain come back in Ohio?

Fading in the polls, John McCain fought Barack Obama for support in economically hard-hit Ohio on Monday, each man pledging to right the economy and turn the page on the Bush era in a state with an impressive record for picking presidents.

Eight days from the election, however, Republicans looked and sounded increasingly like a party anticipating defeat, and possibly a substantial one.

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