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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Here we go again with GOP tricks

Here we go again.

According to the Lundberg Survey of 5,000 gas stations, prices have fallen nearly 53 cents a gallon over the last two weeks.

The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline at self-serve stations was $2.78 Friday. Mid-grade was at $2.93 and premium was at $3.05.

Isn’t it fascinating that gas is becoming more affordable just as Republicans are trying to avoid massive losses in next week’s election?

Isn’t it fascinating that this seems to happen again and again and again, as long as there are seats in Congress and the presidency at risk?

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Meet The Press Starring John McCain

UPDATE:The wild eyed outraged entry below was based on what I described I was doing in the first sentence: “Flipping around the channels…” I had several friends let me know that I hadn’t seen enough before I made my opinion and blurted it out on this page. So this evening I watched the entire segment with Brocaw and McCain, and realized I’m wrong in my assessment of what was going on.

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McCain unveils Bob – the small business man with revenues of 67 million dollars

Further proof that John McCain is totally OUT OF TOUCH with reality.

Cindy the Beer Vendor?

On Thursday in Sarasota, Governor Charlie Crist introduced J. Robert Long, the CEO of Marine Concepts as a “small businessman.” The man McCain dubbed “Bob the Boat Builder” spent, as Crist noted, most of his career at Wellcraft Marine, which reported revenues of $67 million last year, according to Yahoo! Finance.

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Get Rid of the Secret Ballot

In America, we have a long tradition of the secret ballot. We all learn from Mrs. Pringle in eighth grade civics class that the secret ballot is very, very important. This is because, if we didn’t have a secret ballot, thousands and thousands of people would be intimidated into voting against their consciences, fearing they would be beaten up by mobs of marauding partisans for daring to vote against their favorite.

Of course, like most things you learn in eighth grade civics class, this is sheer hokum.

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Diva whack job Palin, McCain’s pig in a poke and his buyer’s remorse

Chris Mathews on the Palin is a “whack job” comment: He said that “a McCain senior top adviser” narrows it down to two or three people in the campaign. He said the person who reported this, Mike Allen, “is a serious reporter, Mike Allen is serious business”.

Palin was called a diva by people in the McCain campaign, advisers that the American Spectator reports are former Romney aides. It appears that John McCain is regretting selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate because she turned out to be a liability who thinks she’s the biggest baddest barracuda in the ocean and because intellectually while he’s listening to Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ on the “Apocalypse Now” soundtrack she’s humming the Miss America theme song.

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