In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Friday, July 19, 2024

If you are following the election on the internet, there is a reasonable chance that you are a liberal.

Pew Research Center for People & the Press has put out some interesting figures relating to this election and the media involvement of Americans. What caught my interest was the statistics on those of us following the the campaigns on the internet via blogs, online journalism and campaign web sites. One thing it has discovered is that more Liberal Democrats use this medium than Conservative Republicans – and the liberals top the conservatives in activism and financial donations.

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LINN WASHINGTON JR: Consider Florida; The Great Vote Fraud Hoax

Contrary to McCainian claims of major registration fraud, the greatest voter fraud in recent history occurred during the 2000 presidential election where a massive Bush/GOP conspiracy robbed over 50,000 folks in Florida of their right to vote by falsely listing them as felons ineligible to cast ballots. Remembering that George W. Bush won Florida by a mere 534 vote margin in 2000, simple math exposes that GOP disenfranchisement fraud as demonstratively more devastating than some (alleged) fudging on registration forms.

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Early Voting… there’s a trend starting

This morning I’m driving my wife over to the Charles Town (WV) Courthouse so she can cast her early vote for Obama. My son and I have been over there to vote already, but this is the first opportunity Elly has had outside of her teaching schedule. The fact that West Virginia has early voting is something we are very happy about… it gives us a chance to put in some campaign time on election day supporting others in getting out the Obama vote.

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McCain’s Health Care Plan would break the Health Care System like Bush broke the Financial System

Think this financial meltdown is bad? Imagine adding a total Health Care meltdown! That’s exactly what would happen if John McCain gets his hands on our health care.

McCain health plan

John McCain’s health plan would bring about a dramatic shift in how millions of people get health insurance coverage. He would let people shop around for plans offered by insurers in other states. New Yorkers could look to Alabama, for example, or any other state when shopping for coverage.

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Bitter campaign heads into final week

Barack Obama and John McCain will fight a weekend duel over states won in 2004 by President George W. Bush, a sure sign of the Democrat’s edge heading into the last week of the White House race.

A heavy-hearted Obama arrived back on the US mainland in the early hours of Saturday after an emotional trip to Hawaii to visit the gravely ill grandmother who brought him up, possibly for the last time.

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George W. Bush has done us all a favor

As crazy as it sounds, I believe we now have none other than George W. Bush to thank for most of Mr. Obama’s surging popularity.

With eight years of Bush and his neocon Cabal running around the world starting endless “holy wars” based on non-existent WMDs, Americans have now gotten a good, “up close and personal” chance to see what a Theocracy looks like.

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Spinning Palin the clothes horse

Republican John McCain’s campaign defended vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin on Friday over a flap involving $150,000 in clothes purchased by the Republican Party for her and her family’s use.

The wardrobe controversy, first reported by political news website Politico, has been used by some critics to try to undercut Palin’s image as a down-to-earth working mother who touts her small town values.

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Now, it’s Joe the Hothead

First there was Joe the Plumber. Is Joe the Hothead next? Joe McCain said Friday he’ll withdraw from campaign activities for his brother, GOP presidential nominee John McCain, after calling 911 to angrily complain about traffic. Joe McCain has apologized for making the call.

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Dems looking to make big gains

Democrats are on track for sizable gains in both houses of Congress on Nov. 4, according to strategists in both parties, although only improbable Southern victories can produce the 60-vote Senate majority they covet to help them pass priority legislation.

A poor economy, President Bush’s unpopularity, a lopsided advantage in fundraising and Barack Obama’s robust organizational effort in key states are all aiding Democrats in the final days of the congressional campaign.

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