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Friday, May 17, 2024

De-Constructing headlines, 101

This evening’s Huff Post headliners:


FINANCIAL CRISIS UPDATES: Dismal Earnings… Merck To Slash 7,200 Jobs… Wachovia Reports $23.9 Billion Loss For Q3… More World Fallout… Brazilian Stock Market Halts Trading

What is so interesting is how each and every topic fits together, and also stands alone so nicely on its own.

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None Dare Call It Murder

What happens when a law enforcement officer – especially a good one – goes to prison?

According to one anonymous prison nurse in Texas, the guards may not like everything that happens, but for the sake of peace, they will all look the other way. There is an unwritten rule in all prisons that any cop is fair game.

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Costa Rica in your Itinerary

Costa Rica is Spanish for rich coast. With that said a person can expect this place to be the ideal tropical paradise.A Costa Rica vacation shows you nature at its purest and finest. The simple and humble country has emerged as one of the top vacation destinations in the world because it does not rely on manufactured entertainment and goodness to keep tourists preoccupied. In other words, a Costa Rica in your itinerary.

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Nov. the 4th. The would-be Winners and the Losers

I have never given up on the ability of the United States to get it right once again. It is a manifestation of the strong resilience that had kept them forward for two centuries. More delightful is their refusal to be robots in a society that desperately seek to control everything; from the pocket to the intellect. There’s still pockets of ignorance but that will be overcame with time.

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Sarah Palin: Dumb and dumber

Jesus this Sarah Palin woman is dumb.

Not just politically dumb: Nah, the Republican choice for Vice President is just plain dumb and stupid.  As my granddaddy used to say, what she doesn’t know would fill an encyclopedia.

Her stupidity surpasses even the inane reasoning of GOP Presidential candidate John McCain for picking the obscure and flaky Alaska governor as his running mate.

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The high cost of dressing Sarah Palin

The Republican National Committee went into financial overdrive to dress Sarah Palin up for public consumption after John McCain campaign plucked her out of Alaska as his suprise running mate.

The self-proclaimed hockey mom and heroine of the working class now struts around in more than $150,000 in clothes and accessories from trendy stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

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If at first, you don’t succeed

Congress and the Bush administration are beginning to agree on the idea of a second stimulus package but right now that’s as far as the agreement goes.

Congressional Democrats have been pushing for a second round of stimulus — although now it’s called "economic recovery" because "stimulus" sounds so wasteful. They got a big boost this week when Fed chairman Ben Bernanke endorsed the idea but in carefully couched terms — "consideration of a fiscal package by the Congress at this juncture seems appropriate."

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Colin Powell redeems himself

Just three Sundays before Election Day, the Great American Video Game that is U.S. presidential politics was being played out before a nation of news-talk channel surfers.

It was one of the few days of a cacophonous Campaign 2008 in which the hardcore themes of message politics converged and actually reinforced each other. Right before our eyes.

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Franken slipping in the polls

With two weeks to go until Election Day, the exceptionally volatile and closely watched U.S. Senate race in Minnesota has tightened up, and comedian Al Franken’s lead is slipping.

The latest Star Tribune Minnesota Poll shows Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate Franken at 39 percent to incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman’s 36 percent. Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley was the choice of 18 percent of likely voters.

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