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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Even Rush is desperate these days

More and more Republicans are stepping up in this election — to endorse Barack Obama.

Sunday the man who might just be the most respected living Republican in America — former Secretary of State Colin Powell — said he was supporting Obama.

Of course the Fat Man, legend-in-his-own-mind Rush Limbaugh, couldn’t wait till his Monday air time to try and denigrate Powell.

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A National Healthcare Network Can Work

In the U.S. our Congress has “national healthcare”. Why should they be the only ones under socialism?

Why should businesses get a $700 BILLION “bail-out” under socialism, while the rest of us have to live under capitalism and work our way out of debt?

If we can spend $700 BILLION on a corporate “bail-out” that clearly is NOT going to bail-out corporations, we can spend $400 Billion for a national healthcare system for all Americans — the same one Congress gets — and we even can include the wealthy.

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Powell provides poetic justice to racists

Irony of ironies for the racists, Colin Powell’s endorsement may very well have been the loosening of the final lugnut on a wheel of the McCain Straight Talk Express bus, causing the campaign to go into the ditch.

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The McCain/Palin Campaign goes for a Political/Economic Low Blow

It’s hard to believe that the American Economy I grew up in was fairly stabile. The bank regulations put in after the fall of the stock market in 1929 and through a dozen years of depression, combined with the progressive economic support of WWII Veterans when they got back from defeating Japan and Germany, kept a much narrower separation of the rich and the poor and allowed people to rise much more easily in their levels of economic achievement.

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Amazingly, Most Iranians Don’t Hate Us

It’s now beginning to look like, maybe, just maybe (if we’re really, really lucky) we may be able to get through the remainder of this year without launching another preemptive war in the Middle East, this time against Iran. Don’t count on it completely: the Bush Administration has all but promised a war with Iran before the end of Bush’s term. But, with our economy in virtual meltdown and our military already strained to the breaking point, practical reality might actually intervene and save us from another pointless and bloody war.

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Colin Powell’s Decision and the death of today’s GOP

This morning on NBC’s “Meat” the Press, Tom Brokaw almost ignored Colin Powell when he said he supports Barack Obama. Brokaw’s performance cemented the observation that he really needs to step down from that chair. Besides, Brokaw is not a member of the press, he’s just raw meat.

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Republicans fear Election Day bloodbath

Republicans always feared a pounding in this year’s congressional elections, but the shockwaves of the Wall Street crisis may inflict a bloodbath on President George W. Bush’s demoralized party.

Still reeling from 2006 mid-term polls which saw Democrats wrench away their control of the Senate and the House of Representatives, Republicans look set to take further losses in a toxic political climate.

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The Failure of McPalin Lynch Mob Politics – You Betcha!

I hope you enjoy this new essay by Philadelphia journalist David A. Love, who writes for

The Failure of McPalin Lynch Mob Politics – You Betcha!

By David A. Love

(reprinted with permission of author)

“Terrorist!” “Traitor!” “Kill Him!” “Bomb Obama!” “Obama Bin Lyin!”

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