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Friday, December 2, 2022

Net Nanny: Political Censor

In an effort to protect us from all the bad things that are on the Internet, most publically funded Internet access sites in my location have installed Net Nanny as a content filter.

After 2 weeks of dealing with it, its obvious that Net Nanny has an obvious right wing bias. It is also unexplicably blocking sites that are non offensive.

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Net Nanny. No thinking allowed.

Net Nanny you are a right wing political slut. Censor that!!!

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Register to Vote…Then VOTE!

During the past several weeks I’ve been conducting a personal survey in my area concerning voter registration.

I’m an affable guy, but not in an offensive way. I have a steel trap memory so when people introduce themselves, tell me their personal stories about themselves etc., I always remember the details of the last conversation including their names. So my interface is somewhat startling to say the least to the average “asleep at the wheel of life” citizen.

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The real McCain

In 2004, John Kerry was swift-boated by T. Boone Pickens’ group of hatchet-men. For the longest time, Kerry did not respond. Some people closest to him have since suggested that he was actually frozen on the issue, incapable of responding. They give an almost imperceptible nod when the issue of PTSD is raised.

In retrospect, Kerry, PTSD and all, STILL would have been a much better president than the village idiot currently polluting the White House.

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The Morning After… and it doesn’t look good for McCain.

So we had a night of “Joe The Plumber,” challenges on who was friends with who, and an avoidance of issues by McCain every time Obama tried to cover them.

Browsing the web for results this morning, while listening to “Morning Joe” on MSNBC (where Mika and Joe are almost at each other’s throats), I’m seeing a lot of the things I put in my own notes last night come up again.

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With debates over, final sprint begins

Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama begin a 19-day sprint to Election Day on Thursday after a contentious final debate that featured aggressive McCain attacks on Obama’s campaign tactics and tax plans.

The presidential rivals complained about the negativity of the campaign during a series of testy exchanges on Wednesday that included repeated appeals to average Americans through "Joe the plumber" — the owner of a small plumbing business whom Obama met in Ohio.

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McCain came on strong, but…

This time, John McCain kept Barack Obama on the defensive.

The feisty Republican tried hard to find a lifeline Wednesday night, challenging his Democratic rival at every turn over his truthfulness, associations and record.

By that measure, McCain won the last debate of the 2008 campaign.

But that may not be enough.

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Truth loses out in final debate

The final presidential debate was a last hurrah, of sorts, for tall tales told before a large national audience by Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama.

The two took familiar liberties with facts in a matchup that also gave viewers a brand-new head-scratching exchange over a man McCain called "my old buddy, Joe, Joe the plumber."

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Conservative paranoia

In November 1964, the historian Richard Hofstadter published, in Harper’s magazine, what would become a famous essay on some disturbing tendencies in American political life. "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" traced the history of what Hofstadter described as "the sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy" that, at different points in America’s past, has characterized panics over the Illuminati, Masons, Jesuits, Catholic immigrants, and communist subversives.

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Guilt by association

I am sorry to burden you, but this is fair notice that I will be sending out morality/patriotism questionnaires to all my friends. I do not want to be blindsided in the future and accused of guilt by association, which is the trendy thing this presidential campaign season.

It used to be that an American could make friends based on his (or her) assessment of someone’s character without regard to what other people, including the government, thought about it. Not any more.

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It isn’t always what you say …

John McCain probably lost his last chance to become president Wednesday night, and it wasn’t even anything he said.

On the question of late-term abortions, Barack Obama said he had voted against a bill to ban them in the Illinois Senate because there was no exemption for the health of the mother.

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