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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

ACLU cites COINTELPRO misconduct of FBI in ‘Omaha Two’ case

Check out this important article below by Michael Richardson, about the ACLU’s recent support for the Omaha 2. Richardson has written an impressive series of articles about this case, at this link:

There is also an older video about the Omaha 2 on You Tube, broken into 3 parts:

ACLU cites COINTELPRO misconduct of FBI in ‘Omaha Two’ case pending before Nebraska Supreme Court
By Michael Richardson

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Alaskan Independence

As a libertarian, I am no supporter of Sarah Palin. But she and her husband are being attacked–mostly from the left–for what I see as her one redeeming political feature: her support for the concept of Alaskan Independence.

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Troy Davis an innocent man is about to be put to death because of a police frame up

The anti-capital punishment lobby warns. Some suggest that Davis is being lynched just because he is black which is particularly uncalled for. As usually the truth is slightly more involved than either side of the debate wants people to know. The Pope, Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party, and Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party plead for his life, Strangely Nader is silent about Davis. And Obama, McCain and Chuck Baldwin who claim they worry about fairness also so.

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Too much hate in this country

Hate doesn’t just happen.

Not in life — as lyricist Oscar Hammerstein reminded us in "South Pacific," in a message so memorable that it became culturally and politically controversial when first sung on Broadway in 1949: "You’ve got to be taught/To hate and fear,/You’ve got to be taught/From year to year…/You’ve got to be carefully taught."

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No room for third parties

Be honest. What have you learned from the first two presidential debates? Do you expect to be any more enlightened by Wednesday night’s third and final showdown between Barack Obama and John McCain?

If you’re like my friends and associates outside the newsroom, you’re setting the bar pretty low. If these "debates" have proven anything, they confirm our two-party choice is dumb and dumber (you pick).

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More ethics problems for Palin

The Alaska state Personnel Board investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin’s firing of Walt Monegan has broadened to include other ethics complaints against the governor and examination of actions by other state employees, according to the independent counsel handling the case.

The investigator, Tim Petumenos, did not say who else is under scrutiny. But in two recent letters describing his inquiry, he cited the consolidation of complaints and the involvement of other officials as a reason for not going along with Palin’s request to make the examination of her activities more public.

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Dealing with military desertions

Danny Yamonico had three strikes against her when she enlisted in the Army.

A back injury. A history of mental health problems. A girlfriend.

She says her recruiter knew she knew she was gay and about the other issues but pressed her to join anyway. At the end of boot camp, her back was aching. She knew she’d made a mistake. She wanted out.

"There’s just no way … I should have been in the military," Yamonico said.

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Bush approved CIA torture program

The Bush administration explicitly endorsed the use of waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods against al Qaeda suspects in a pair of secret memos to the CIA in 2003 and 2004, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

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Crunch time for McCain

Falling behind in the polls, Republican candidate John McCain hopes to shake up the presidential race in his final debate with Democrat Barack Obama, who will be looking to close the deal with voters unhappy with the country’s direction.

Both are likely to emphasize pocketbook issues, a burning concern as financial institutions wobble and voters feel the pinch of a faltering economy. Each released proposals this week for how to boost the economy.

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