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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Yes We Must!

by Maggie Van Ostrand

By land, sea and air, our military fought for freedom in World War II, the “good war,” while civilians at home joined together in a massive nationwide effort to do our part. Little girls sacrificed the rubber tires from their doll carriages, boys collected the foil from discarded cigarette wrappings, women went to work in factories building airplanes, and senior citizens knitted socks, collected scrap metal, rolled bandages, and read to the wounded in military hospitals.

Never before or since were we so united. It is like that again today.

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Have you left no sense of decency?

These words spoken more than a half century ago about one of the Senate’s most vicious hate mongers have new relevance to Senator John McCain. Who we have largely taken to be a decent man has descended into the most dangerous attack on a fellow candidate in recent times. It is time he rescue his honor, remove Sarah Palin from his ticket and offer an apology to America and Senator Obama specifically. He has disgraced himself and unleashed forces that portend evil.

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A Halloween Metaphor

Understanding the Financial Meltdown, A Halloween Metaphor:

One Halloween evening after collecting a huge bag of trick-or-treat Candy (Money), a five year old Boy (Banks) is told by his Parents (American People) that they are going out for the evening and they’ve hired a Babysitter (U.S.Government) to watch over him.

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The Crash: A Libertarian Perspective

The Dow has lost several thousand points in the last two weeks. Housing prices have plummeted. Both major parties are in a panic over this, because housing and stock prices are two areas where large sections of the voting public want HIGHER PRICES.

Both Obama and McCain are trying to look reasonable yet dynamic in proposing programs that will KEEP PRICES HIGH. This is because large portions of the voting public think they are rich because they own assets (homes and stocks)that are overvalued.

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Another Conservative comes out for Obama

Wick Allison, Editor in Chief of D Magazine in Dallas-Fort Worth, is another true and established Conservative to realize that Obama is the best hope for this country… and the most likely to preserve HIS values. In an article entitled A Conservative For Obama, Allison states that “Barack Obama strikes a chord with me like no political figure since Ronald Reagan.” Now there’s an interesting observation.

Here is a quote:

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Racism rocks Presidential campaign

A war of words with racial undertones marked the White House race Sunday after civil rights icon John Lewis accused Republican John McCain of sowing "hatred" against Barack Obama.

McCain, who has been trying to tamp down abuse of the Democratic nominee at his campaign events, reacted furiously, lashing out against Lewis, who only a few weeks ago he described as one of the Americans he most admired.

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