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Thursday, November 30, 2023

A Letter to My Senator(s)

I just got a letter from my Senator. In this letter she explained why she voted FOR the economic rescue package. Allow me to share some of her remarks:

“It has been said that Senators have six-year terms for a reason. And that reason is to be able to take tough votes because it’s right for the nation, and take tough votes when at times they may be adverse to the beliefs of your constituency.” She went on to say that she had received over 91,000 responses from constituents, and that 86,000 of those were OPPOSED to the bill.

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John McCain Would Destroy His Country First Rather Than Lose The Presidency

The lies are enraging; the surrogates abominable; the crowds at the McCain rallies, earn John’s integral disdain for the People. I weep with frustration at the injustice, the loss, the incredible loss of this fine idea called America. John McCain’s quest for the presidency has truly become a surreal and hideously destructive yearning akin to Gollum’s evil obsession. I can’t even look at him any longer, let alone listen. How bizarre he appears flanked by the tremulously obedient Cindy and illiterate sassy Sarah.

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It’s still the economy, McStupid

The global economy is in meltdown, the Dow is dropping faster than a hooker’s panties and all John McCain wants us to think about is an aging radical who paid his debt to society.

That’s right. McCain and his “you betcha” attack dog Sarah Palin continue to hammer away at Barack Obama’s casual relationship with 1960s Weather Underground radical William Ayers. Ask them about the economy and they bring up Bill Ayers. Ask them about Iraq and they talk about Bill Ayers.

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Swing states illegally purge voters

A newspaper report Thursday said tens of thousands of eligible voters have been removed from rolls or blocked from registering in at least six swing states. Election officials lined up to defend their registration procedures and said they had done nothing wrong.

The New York Times based its findings on reviews of state records and Social Security data, and said it had identified apparent problems in Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina.

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McCain striking out with working class

The steel mills and coal mines of western Pennsylvania helped fuel the nation’s economic engine. Today, old factory shells and boarded-up storefronts stand as bleak reminders of those once-prosperous times.

But the voters in working-class enclaves such as this still are a sought-after prize in presidential politics, and many are belatedly coming around to Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

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Looks like bailouts don’t work

Conservative Republicans regularly accuse liberal Democrats to trying to solve problems by throwing money at them. The Federal Reserve has been throwing billions into the banking system to stabilize the credit markets and no one has been complaining about it.

This week the Fed participated in an unprecedented global rate cut: An orchestrated cut in interest rates with 20 other nations in an attempt to encourage financial institutions to borrow from their central banks and begin making loans to credit-starved businesses.

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Anybody got any real solutions?

Bathed in the hot air over Sarah Palin’s pores, Barack Obama’s neighbor, 1960s radical William Ayers, and John McCain’s ties to disgraced financier Charles Keating, we seem to be in danger of forgetting what is at stake Nov. 4.

Yes, yes, I know that in the last days of a hotly contested election, the campaigns typically get even nastier.

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Time for some real reassurance

The fact is, folks, that neither of the two contenders for the presidency of the United States has any experience in dealing with the worsening financial crisis. Actually John McCain has considerably more than Barack Obama but that isn’t saying much.

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Divisive, negative and shameful politics

Divisive, negative, and shameful campaign tactics are nothing new. But divisive, negative and shameful campaign tactics focused on race and sex is a vicious new twist this election year.

Barack Obama’s candidacy and eventual nomination brought racial politics in America to the fore like never before. Hillary Clinton’s failed Democratic primary bid and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s nomination as John McCain’s vice presidential candidate injected sex and gender into the race.

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