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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Should I, Too, Vote For The Lesser of Two Evils?

Unfortunately, I am about to do something that I (not to mention my long-dead Great Grandfather, my Grandfather and my dearly departed Dad) would have never contemplated doing, even in their wildest of dreams…

I’m seriously considering voting for a Democrat for President for the first time in my life.

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Debate: McCain, an angry rusty robot, Obama urbane, in Nashville knockabout

Updated with evidence McCain may be a rageaholic. Brokaw said McCain was trying to be the mischievous imp, but the candidate I saw looked like an angry rusty robot finding ways to insert just about all his stump speech attacks against Obama into non-answers to questions. Maybe it’s just me but his interjecting "my friends" 22 times made him sound like a shifty salesman. He even called Obama "my friend" once, although he also pointed at him another time while turning away from him, and referred to him with contempt as "that one".

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The pain of being John McCain

The old man took on the new kid on the block for the second of three Presidential campaign debates Tuesday night and planned to expose the kid as a wild-eyed radical with dangerous ideas that would destroy the United States of America.

He failed.

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And the winner is…

Boxing cliches are popular in Presidential debates and, using one, John McCain needed to score a knockout Tuesday night to avoid losing his second debate with Barack Obama.

He didn’t get one. So he lost.

Like the economy that is sinking his Presidential hopes, McCain’s campaign is in free fall and his performance Tuesday night did nothing to slow the plunge.

It’s not that he did anything wrong. He held his own but that wasn’t enough.

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Debate long on hype, short on facts

Republican John McCain expressed incredulity in the presidential debate Tuesday that Democrat Barack Obama would tip off the enemy by saying publicly that he’d attack al-Qaida in Pakistan under certain conditions. "Remarkable," McCain said during the presidential debate, meaning remarkably irresponsible.

Lost in his withering criticism: McCain took the same position as Obama, a year ago, when he said, "Sure. We have to," when asked if he’d go after Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Both candidates stretched facts, sometimes past the breaking point, as they addressed the financial crisis and misrepresented each other’s position on health care during their second presidential debate.

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Lost in the mud: Real issues

Slipping in the polls, Republican John McCain has decided, as his exuberant running mate has repeatedly urged, to "take the gloves off," and Democrat Barack Obama, perhaps sensitive to charges that he is too often slow to counterpunch, has decided to reply in kind.

The result has been entertaining in a professional wrestling sort of way but short on voter enlightenment. To take two examples:

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Campaign smears: Blasts from the past

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has been videotaped palling around — well, maybe not palling around, but certainly engaging in mutual discourse — with a man known to have filed false income tax returns.

Obama has been seen in the company of Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

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Hang on: Things are getting ugly

Maybe it was necessary, this establishment-endorsed, fear-driven, hastily constructed $700 billion bailout gamble meant to avoid a devastating credit crunch. But whether it was or wasn’t, it is towing something politically perilous in its train.

Again and again, this Wall Street package will be used as an excuse to try to take freedom out of our markets, to throttle them with excessive regulation and leave them shorn of the innovation and energy that add up to prosperity. It will be used as an excuse for something else, too — the creation of a European-style welfare state.

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GOP politics is just like high school

Now that I’ve seen John McCain lose two debates to Barack Obama and Sarah Palin embarrass herself countless times on national television, I realize I’ve seen them both before.

In high school.

McCain, or someone very much like him, was my teacher in Wood Shop. He was forever talking about his service in WWII — “the big one” — and he showed us a German Luger he had taken off a dead body in the Battle of the Bulge.

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