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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Bailout bill passes, Bush signs

Bloated with pork, the massive $700 billion bailout bill passed the House Friday and President Bush immediately signed the legislation into law, turning to taxpayers to save government and Wall Street from themselves.

The pork added at least $120 to the final tab and victory from the same House that turned it down earlier in the week proved that all it takes is arm twisting, promises and outright bribes to turn controversial legislation into law.

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A wink, a nod and a loss

In the aftermath and varying opinions of the overhyped debate between the Democratic and Republican candidates for vice presidents, two areas of consensus appear to emege: Sarah Palin didn’t do anything  TOO stupid and voters, the ones who still make the decisions on election day, feel Joe Biden won the night.

Incredibly, Palin held her own by not debating: She announced straight out that she would not answer the questions but would stick to talking points. It was, perhaps, the only way she could stay out of trouble but it showcased an inexperienced, inept candidate who has trouble with facts and only a faint relationship with specifics.

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A rare victory for Bush

The Senate has handed President Bush probably the last foreign policy victory of his presidency, easily approving, 86-13, a measure to end a 34-year ban on nuclear trade with India. The House had earlier approved it, 298-117.

As easy a sell as it was here, the agreement almost brought down the government of India because its prickly nationalist and communist parties insisted that its requirement that India’s civilian nuclear program be open to international monitoring impinged on national sovereignty.

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The political mood in Ohio

Four years ago, Clark County, Ohio, voted Republican instead of Democratic, as it had in 2000, thumbing its collective nose at John Kerry and giving President Bush enough votes to win Ohio and thus re-election.

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A lesson from the depression

Endlessly, to some degree dangerously, commentators keep comparing the nation’s present financial mess to the Great Depression, an assessment amiss in many ways but correct in at least one.

In both instances, it was largely government flubs prompting market malfunctions that sought out shoved calamity the public’s way, and that’s worth thinking about even if some are now saying we should fix the future instead of dwelling on what got us here.

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Palin bewitching as vice president, terrifying as president.

Updated 10/4/08 – Despite the pronouncement that she wants to expand the role of the vice president, don’t look for that to happen if McCain wins. Instead she’ll become the Lucy to Ricky Ricardo in the presidential twosome. She’ll provide lots of yuks and a bottomless well of inanity for Tina Fey to spoof.

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I was devastated by the Vice President debate

I almost thought I was looking at Clarence Thomas, and Alberto Gonzales coming across as looking like respectable responsible people. In this debate she reminds me of Ronald Reagan who she kept comparing herself with, and who I think was a terrible President.

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