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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Up and Down goes the DOW…!

I had to laugh at the 777 down day on the DOW!

People who aren’t aware of how the market works don’t realize that most of the trades are a function of “program trades” on the part of fund managers. Computers directed to make trades do so in massive blocks forcing the market either up or down on any day also within chosen sectors. Meanwhile the little fish who think they can day trade this choppy nightmare get taken out and line the brokers pockets with commissions while the big boys clean out their trading accounts with these endless head fakes.

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Today is our 14th birthday

Capitol Hill Blue turns 14 today and the web site continues its place as the oldest, continually-published political news web site on the Internet.

We’ve come a long way since that morning on October 1, 1994, when I took advantage of free web space by my Internet Service Provider and started what was then a few paragraphs of musings about politics.

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On second thought…

The shifting tide of public anger may yet save the controversial $700 billion financial bailout passage.

When the House of Representative overwhemlingly rejected President Bush’s package Monday, some felt it was a Congressional caving to anger back home at the use of taxpayer dollars to save big financial firms.

But as the reality of Monday’s action sank in, public reaction shifted and reluctant Representives now appear ready to take action, any action, to calm the situation.

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Bush’s vanishing clout

George W. Bush’s public humiliation at the hands of his own party showcases the lack of clout left for America’s most unpopular President in history as he heads into the waning days of his failed Presidency.

With the White House scrambling to salvage its controversial, $750 billion bailout plan before the nation plunges headlong into a depression, the President finds himself a pariah within his own party.

Meanwhile, his public popularity, already at an all-time low, continues to slide.

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Obama takes poll lead in key states

New polls suggest Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is picking up steam in three key states, possibly building momentum as the campaign heads into its final five weeks.

The Democrat now has 50 percent or more in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida — three states that history has shown can make a difference in a Presidential election year.

The bump in the polls comes as Republican John McCain’s campaign is floundering after recent missteps by the GOP nominee in the financial crisis gripping the country and gaffes by his running mate.

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