In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Sunday, December 4, 2022

Repost of McCain’s pounding beats Obama’s rope-a-dope debate style

The polls and pundits say I was wrong in the conclusion I arrived at immediately after the debate. I’ll gladly take my knocks for writing this: Muhammad Ali mastered the rope-a-dope and beat harder punching sometimes flailing opponents. Obama allowed McCain to hit him with verbal attacks without stinging counter-punches. Perhaps he was hoping McCain would make mistakes to exploit with an effective comeback. He didn’t.

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Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

“If Presidential Candidates have gotten the word that Americans want our borders closed to illegal aliens why hasn’t our candidates gotten the message that jobs are just as big a gut issue as immigration.” This is a quote from an article about American Jobs being “off shored”.

Keeping jobs in America is costly because of work place safety requirements, tax code, minimum wage, union wage, health care, product requirements, etc. However, in the long run, we’ve worked ourself into a larger economic problem by putting the middle class our of work!

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Poor Palin: at the right place at the wrong time?

No doubt that “Fate” plays a role in the lives of all of us.

The Sarah Palin “pick” has had a chance to play out in our daily lives, but at what cost?

If the McCain / Palin ticket wins in November, there is no doubt that Gov. Palin will encounter DC ‘culture shock’. She also will be a literal “heartbeat” away from being the next U.S. president. This is scary stuff.

Many women don’t like Palin, in fact many hate her — period.

There is an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune on this issue

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Festooned with Lies, the McCain Campaign’s attack on reality

George Orwell would be proud. He once wrote that, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Perhaps a more appropriate quote would be, “In our time political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.”

Today’s hero? Phil Tuchman. He has the integrity of a traveling carnie promoter. He never saw a mark who he couldn’t rob; for him, truth comes solely in the form of a McCain campaign paycheck. 70 years ago, Joseph Goebbels would loved having Tuchman as his reich hand man.

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John McCain has a gambling problem

McCain’s Gambling Problem

Only six members of Congress have received more money from the gambling industry than Mr. McCain, and five hail from the casino hubs of Nevada and New Jersey, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics dating back to 1989. In the presidential race, Senator Barack Obama has also received money from the industry; Mr. McCain has raised almost twice as much.

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Is a deal near on Wall Street bailout?

US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and leading lawmakers early Sunday reported "great progress toward" reaching an unprecedented 700-billion-dollar Wall Street bailout plan before markets reopen, saying the accord would likely be finalized later in the day.

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Obama to McCain: What about middle class?

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama sought to score a quick post-debate advantage Saturday by traveling to two Republican-leaning states and accusing GOP rival John McCain of being out of touch with middle-class Americans.

"We talked about the economy for 40 minutes and not once did Sen. McCain talk about the struggles middle-class families are having," Obama told more than 26,000 people who stood out in the rain with him on the campus of the University of Mary Washington.

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Early polls give Obama edge in debate

A pair of one-night polls gave Barack Obama a clear edge over John McCain in their first presidential debate.

Fifty-one percent said Obama, the Democrat, did a better job in Friday night’s faceoff while 38 percent preferred the Republican McCain, according to a CNN-Opinion Research Corp. survey of adults.

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Want to know exactly how Mumia was framed?

Hi, folks, to mark the beginning of O’Connor’s SF Bay tour, I am releasing the full text of his speech in June at Baruch College, during his East Coast tour.

Please help spread the word!

See full schedule here:

Also, a special background page:

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