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Friday, December 2, 2022

Its the Housing Thing, Stupid

October 29, 1929…

The Stock Market crashes, oversold shares plummet in value, margin holders carrying shares with only 10% equity ownership quickly default on margin calls and lose their shares. Those shares are bought back by the companies that issued them at par values.

September 16, 2008…

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The hacked Palin emails, plus Campaign Reflections in the mirror of lies: Palin is all stump and no tree

“”There’s nothing wrong with small towns. In fact, I think all the best people in the world I know come from small towns.”*

Part 1: Now dated comments on the hacking of Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email.

Part 2: How McCain and Palin are proving to be transparently obvious compulsive serial lying liars whose adoring acolytes don’t seem to have the gray matter to discern the truth.

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McCain’s advisers open mouth insert foot

People, especially the lie, steal and cheat Republicans, are constantly saying that everything about the candidates is relevant. For instance, their wives and their churches. If so, then the surrogates, representatives and media mouthpieces of each candidate should also be relevant.

And McCain isn’t doing very good at this.

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How to buy a Senator…or a President

In 1987, I ran the Political Programs Division of the National Association of Realtors, the largest trade association in the country. One of my jobs was to serve as the association’s "go to" guy when they needed to sway the opinions of Congress.

One afternoon, Steve Driesler, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs, walked into my office.

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Experts fault both candidate’s health plans

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s health care plan would cost too much and create more regulation, while Republican John McCain’s plan would leave 60 million Americans without health insurance and reduce coverage, experts said on Tuesday.

Neither plan would fully fix the broken U.S. health care system, the separate teams of experts concluded in the journal Health Affairs.

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Roadblocks to Palin probe

Alaska’s investigation into whether Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power, a potentially damaging distraction for John McCain’s presidential campaign, ran into intensified resistance Tuesday when the attorney general said state employees would refuse to honor subpoenas in the case.

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Campaign puts lid on Palin’s problems

GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is effectively turning over questions about her record as Alaska’s governor to John McCain’s political campaign, part of an ambitious Republican strategy to limit any embarrassing disclosures and carefully shape her image for voters in the rest of the cou

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