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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Of McCain, the GOP and Change mutation

Experience works
In national security, foreign policy, economy,
It works, it works
So the slogan in all our undertakings one
To continue his majesty’s mission
Under his likeness
A sacred halo on our crowns
Experience, experience, experience.

A young lad unknown, questioned experience failures
Called for review, the kind that rumbles
Judgement is better, change must happen
Change in national security,
Change in foreign policy,
Change in economic policy
Change of failed experience
Change, change, change.

Like California fires it burned
From Capitols to Washington none spared
Anger at failures, failures of experience
The GOP in flight
Retirement in mansions rich in lobbyist double-take.

McCain on his own none to the rescue

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The new issue: Wall Street reform

White House candidates Barack Obama and John McCain promised on Monday to move quickly to reform Wall Street, with both blaming an antiquated regulatory structure for the financial meltdown.

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Independent groups target both candidates

A sudden surge in advertising by outside groups is rapidly filling the airwaves and cable channels with unflattering portrayals of Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain as their presidential contest enters its final seven weeks.

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Machismo still rules in politics

When a local politician ran for public office where I live recently, he included in his campaign promotional materials, without apparent embarrassment, the fact that he participates in marathons and can bench-press 250 pounds.

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A remarkable look at the Iraq mess

Journalist and author Bob Woodward’s new book "The War Within” provides informative insights concerning the United States military occupation of Iraq, not least because of his remarkable access to very senior officials of the Bush administration. Earlier books include "State of Denial,” "Plan of Attack” and "Bush at War."

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How Sarah Palin changes the political game

The hysteria in the media and among the drawing room intellectuals of American politics over Sarah Palin’s perceived lack of qualifications for national candidacy is growing at about the same rate as the realization that she has completely changed the dynamic of a presidential campaign that the conventional wisdom said was a sure thing for the Democrats.

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