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Monday, July 22, 2024

The campaign to nowhere

Mea culpa. I am just not very good at this campaign stuff. Those much more adept than I pulled me, along with most of America, into talking about Sarah Palin rather than the real problems we should be discussing, so I admit my error and am making amends by returning to what is real. I wish the candidates would as well – especially Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin who seem to have decided issues don’t matter.

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McCain-Palin: Our bridge to nowhwere

Turns out the McCain Palin ticket IS a Bridge to Nowhere. The weak minded are starting to cross. Whaddya gonna do except keep your eye on the voter registration, the Bush approval rating, state polls..which are all clearer indications of what’s going on.I really don’t think MOST people are that stupid, and quite a few have been down it before..TWICE.Mostly,I think people are furious.

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McCain vs. Obama: Is Fluff Enuff?

Why not? It worked before.

After all, this is the nation that voted twice for the Bush administration.

“We need to bring change to Washington, D.C.”

Sound familiar? It should.

George Walker Bush promised to bring change to Washington:

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Bush plans pullout of 8,000 troops

President Bush plans to pull 8,000 more combat and support troops out of Iraq by February, a measured drawdown that will leave nearly the same level of U.S. forces in the war zone for the rest of the year.

Bush’s decision, to be delivered in a speech Tuesday, is perhaps his final stamp on the war that has defined his presidency. The scope and pace of the U.S. troop withdrawals are smaller than long anticipated, reflecting a desire by the military and the president not to jeopardize security gains in Iraq.

By the time the troops return home on the timeline Bush is proposing, someone else will be making the wartime decisions from the Oval Office.

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Pulling the plug on an embarrassment

Whether it was the constant on-air feuding between the anchors or the Republican Party’s protests that it was getting a raw deal, MSNBC moved closer to the journalistic center over the weekend with news that Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann would no longer be anchoring Election Night programming.

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In the end, nothing really changes

Now that change has become the theme of both parties in the upcoming general election, it is necessary to remind ourselves that the one thing that apparently will never change in this political rat warren of a town is the arrogance of power — the opinion of some of those elected to high places that the ethical and moral rules don’t apply to them.

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Some questions for Sister Sarah

Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s choice of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin for his running mate suggests the delicious imaginary scenario of a vice presidential debate between Palin and Hillary Clinton.

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