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Sunday, July 21, 2024

I am impressed by this place!

I’ve spent about two weeks wandering around looking in corners, reading stuff that’s been pushed off the front page, and I am amazed at the perspicacity of some of you people.

Here’s one example:

Posted on August 14!

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The Media and Sarah Palin

Nothing could more handily refute the claim that the media is at bottom liberal than the new lovefest for Sarah Palin.

Which is not to say that the media isn’t liberal — really, it is. The MSM is based in big cities, and big city ‘reality’ and cultural mores differ sharply from so-called Small-Town America (STA).

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Democrats and Republicans still don’t get it

Political ping-pong…

Elected officials continue to battle amongst themselves, playing politics, instead of doing what is best for the American community.

Probably it won’t matter much whether Obama or McCain becomes president. Most likely the fighting will continue in Iraq and here at home and in Washington, D.C.

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You don’t have to be partisan to vote for the party and not the person

I’ve about had it with American voters who will vote on emotion instead of reason. The final unlikely straw for me wasn’t a statement by a Clinton supporter now voting for McCain. It came when I saw the head of a Muslim group describe a two hour meeting that began with 50 people leaning towards Obama and ending with all but five saying they’d vote for McCain. Why? Because they felt Obama wasn’t paying enough attention to them.

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