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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Palin’s Jeremiah Wright, Kalnins, Is By FAR More Dangerous To America

After viewing Palin’s strange discombobulated blathering on the podium of her Church in Wasilla I think not only is her own sanity in question, but I feel the founder of it, a guy named Ed Kalnins, should be scrutinized as intensely as Reverend Wright was. Wright, was merely ranting about injustice~and it wasn’t Obama taking up the rant.

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One thing the Republicans are good at — Coverup!

There is one thing the Republican Party is good at — Covering up their illegal actions. Bush/Cheney have in fact made an art of it in order to retain power.

John Bush, oops I meant John McCain apparently is using all his political leverage to make the investigation of his VP’s illegal actions go away at least until after the election.

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‘Troopergate’ report due out before election

An investigation into possible ethics breaches by Republican vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin will be completed by October 10, three weeks earlier than scheduled, Alaska lawmakers said Friday.

The probe would be ready earlier than expected in order to avoid the appearance of a politically-motivated "October surprise" ahead of the November 4 election, Alaska House judiciary chairman Jay Ramras said in a statement.

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Palin switched colleges six times

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin seems to have switched colleges at least six times in six years, including two stints at the University of Idaho before graduating from there in 1987.

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McCain drew more TV viewers than Obama

Republican presidential candidate John McCain beat Democratic rival Barack Obama in the crucial battle to attract U.S. television viewers during their race to the White House, according to figures released on Friday.

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Clinton faithful ponder Sarah Palin

Sandy Goodman was deeply disappointed when Hillary Rodham Clinton didn’t get the Democratic nomination, then again when she was bypassed for the VP spot. So Goodman, a longtime Florida Democrat, flirted with thoughts of shunning Barack Obama, and perhaps even voting Republican.

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Obama’s pitch: ‘Fire GOP, hire me’

With two months left, the presidential election seems likely to turn on whether Barack Obama can make himself sufficiently acceptable to millions of disgruntled Americans eager to toss Republicans from the White House if they see a safe, competent alternative.

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