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Friday, December 2, 2022

Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones

What a terrible loss for the State of Ohio, Democrats and Independents everywhere, and our Nation.

Someone as worthy of our admiration as Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones, rising to be a Congresswoman and consistently voting for what she believed in, is worth mourning. She was a rare one.

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John McCain and Senile Dementia

I’m no doctor, nor have I ever played one on TV. But family members and close friends have suffered from serious mental declines and problems. Watching a loved one change for the worse is emotionally exhausting, frustrating, demoralizing, and depressing. Denial only works for so long.

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From bad to worse

I was reading an article on the main page about Bush and his firm (and utterly unreasonable) hard line position on the military deployment currently “enjoyed” by the country under his “administration”.

One line that got me really thinking was (paraphrased here..)”ONLY 5 months to go”…The heart flutters to think of the continued damage this “administration” will do in the coming 5 months…

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Of military service and the Presidency

Once again, the matter of military service – or lack of it – is being inserted into the terminally dull struggle between John McCain and Barack Obama to become the next despoiler-in-chief of what remains of the republic.

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Do we really want another Bush in the presidency? He will start world war 3 and continue the war with Russia and help Georgia?

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Take the cash, ask questions later

Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain has consistently followed the government’s instructions for keeping prohibited foreign money out of their presidential campaigns, and some of that banned money has slipped into Obama’s campaign.

During interviews with 123 donors in 11 countries, The Associated Press found contributions Obama accepted from at least three foreigners. Just five of the donors checked, three for Obama and two for McCain, said the campaigns asked to see copies of their current U.S. passports — as instructed by the Federal Election Commission to avoid legal problems.

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For sale to the highest bidders

Barack Obama and John McCain have burnished images as politicians who keep special interests at arms’ length, yet there won’t be much stiff-arming at their nominating conventions.

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Bush defends failed war on terror

President Bush is defending his line-in-the-sand approach to the fight against Islamic terrorism, following presidential rivals John McCain and Barack Obama in a speech to a major veterans group.

His address Wednesday in Orlando, Fla., was to highlight themes GOP hopeful McCain has been using to argue that he is better qualified to be commander in chief than Obama, the Democratic nominee-in-waiting.

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