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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Legislators Continue to Divert Tax Revenues

Legislators Must Stop Diverting Revenues from the Gasoline Tax

What’s the use of having a budget and taxes if legislators override them and use funds for other issues?

The gasoline tax was created and implemented to provide the revenue needed to build and maintain our roadways; however, a large portion of that revenue is diverted to other “causes”.

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Truth has a Price

Truth has a price.
Be not willing to say it if you are unwilling to pay
But when you hide
It pops up through another window
Cos’ truth like light is predestined to shine
Circumstances unrelated, summing up to results unintended
And man an unwitting catalyst of predestination
Wondering why on earth he pushed the button.

Truth stands out and embarrasses scrutiny

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An Actual Republican to be admired & respected

People think I don’t like Republicans. So let’s be clear…I don’t like the Republicans Party that has kissed GW Bush’s behind and enabled his hideous policies. But fortunately in this world not ALL Republicans are behind kissers.

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No joy in mudville

Not much to cheer about in the 2008 Presidential sweepstakes.

The mud is flying in hot and heavy from both candidates, the SwiftBoat attackers are muddying the waters with their usual lies and the issues are lost in a sea of swirling, toxic waste.

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Rural slump could hurt Republicans

The folks in this picturesque mountain community with red barns and Amish buggies have been voting overwhelmingly Republican in national elections for decades.

But tough economic times in Mifflin County and in rural areas all around the country have created possible openings for Democrat Barack Obama.

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Obama cozies up to Swift Boat backer

Democrat Barack Obama met Sunday with Texas oil baron and longtime conservative activist T. Boone Pickens to discuss strategies for developing alternative energy.

The presidential hopeful praised Pickens as a "legendary entrepreneur" and deflected a question about the billionaire’s role in helping to fund a television ad campaign that undermined John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic nominee.

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The gloves come off: Obama strikes back

So much for hugging in church. A day after Barack Obama and John McCain exchanged an embrace during a faith forum at a California megachurch, Obama called the U.S. economy a disaster thanks to "John McCain’s president, George W.

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