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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Welcome to Police State America

Who says it can’t happen here. Who mistakenly believes that the [Peoples] Bill of Rights is a defense against popular tyranny, a.k.a direct democracy.

The Supreme Court sided with police state tactics when it ruled in favor of allowing “license check” roadblocks, in the name of….

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Thank You Mr. President

Israel’s Haaretz Newspaper is complaining about lack of US support for attacking Iran. If true, thanking the President may lead to more good news. I hope I am not the only one to email George Bush a thank you letter. This is what I sent. I feal the urge to change a few words from what I sent for this blog, but adding this cover paragraph is the only change.



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Is this the best we can do?

This seems to be the season for stupid people. So many members of Congress have now been caught flagrante delicto that one wonders if it isn’t a secret club initiation. What is it with these men? Not only cannot keep it in their pants, they are just plain stupid thinking they will keep their behavior secret.

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Idle Ramblings of a Churning Mind

Nick Kristoff, in a recent NY Times posting, comments that there are ways other than military action to conduct Diplomacy. It seems to me that the only ‘diplomacy’ our Secretary of State has managed to practice is buying shoes in every country of the world she has visited. Well, perhaps that falls under the purview of repairing the imbalance of trade rather than diplomacy.

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War profiteers reap big profits

The US government paid out 85 billion dollars in four years to contractors providing services to various government agencies in support of the Iraq war and reconstruction, a survey showed Tuesday.

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Edwards is political toast

John Edwards lost a prime-time speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention. He likely blew a chance at a possible Cabinet post in a Barack Obama administration. And he may very well have lost any hope of being the voice for America’s poor and forgotten.

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Cindy Sheehan tries a new act

Last May, ubiquitous activist Cindy Sheehan, perhaps sensing that her act was growing old, announced that she was retiring from the antiwar movement and going home to Berkeley.

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Politics and pizza

You probably think that because Barack Obama’s favorite food is arugula lettuce, the Democrats, to try to "go green" at their national convention, are going to stick to their ban of fried foods at the Denver event. Wrong!

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