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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Hillary’s historic achievement?

“Obama has never shown proper regard for a campaign she (Hillary) believes was as historic an achievement as his,” according to an article in Time. It is a zero sum game to make the comparison between overcoming American racism vs. sexism. Just the same, here’s some perspective. There are about twice as many females as blacks serving in Congress.. We have had 29 female governors and only two black governors. Of course we had Ferraro run for VP. How many women who “didn’t know their place” were lynched by the Klan?

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Obama: McCain is no maverick

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama took aim at Republican John McCain’s maverick image on Wednesday as the campaign trail took another negative turn.

McCain hit Obama with a television advertisement that belittled him as "the biggest celebrity in the world," one who would raise taxes on families in America.

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Just another silly season in Congress

August is supposed to be quiet time in the national capital. Congress is in recess, the Supreme Court is adjourned and the president is usually at his ranch in Texas. Also gone are all their attendants. The place really does close up in August.

But this month is different. Even though Congress usually can’t wait to get out of town, some members are refusing to leave.

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Obama sells out the working class

Among the several unpleasant outgrowths of the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton death duel, perhaps the most disturbing was the widespread perception that the junior senator from New York was more attuned to the cares and hardships of the working class than her chic counterpart from Illinois.

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Manufactured news ain’t news

This is a cautionary tale about how journalism sometimes gets practiced in contemporary America.

A few weeks ago, a Wall Street Journal reporter named Amy Chozick got a bright idea for a news story: In a nation where according to our public health authorities nearly two-thirds of the adult population is too fat, is Barack Obama too skinny to be elected president?

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Senator Chris Matthews?

On his nightly MSNBC talk show called "Hardball," host Chris Matthews yaks incessantly about all sorts of things political.

But when asked if he might run in 2010 as the Democratic challenger to longtime Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia-area native hasn’t had much to say.

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Note to the Olympics: I’m ready

I have always dreamed of competing in the Olympic Games. Sadly, as with so many who have dared to dream of glory, the only thing that held me back was lack of athletic talent.

It seems so unfair given the level of my desire. With the Beijing Olympics opening on Friday, I should be rejoicing but instead I am reminded of my old limitations.

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