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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

High Texas Property Taxes: short-term fix is easy

Legislators Must Act Soon!

It should be obvious by now that we need to eliminate or at the least aggressively reduce property taxes as they are.

However, I am against the property tax petition at because increasing the sales tax is just applying another regressive form of taxation that hurts those who can least afford it.

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Audace, Audace, Audace!

Patton Said It, but Bush is the epitome of audacity.

Bush actually had the temerity to criticize China about freedoms and political prisoners. I find that almost beyond belief were it not for the fact that Bush seems to either be drunk, on drugs, or living in some make-believe world of his “decider” imagination.

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McCain disses Midwestern farmers

Republican presidential candidate John McCain opposes the $300 billion farm bill and subsidies for ethanol, positions that both supporters and opponents say might cost him votes he needs in the upper Midwest this November.

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Paris Hilton: The tart strikes back

Attention, America: Paris has spoken. Paris Hilton, the blonde, doe-eyed celebrity thrust into the presidential campaign in an ad by Republican candidate John McCain, issued a tart rebuttal Tuesday, albeit in a scantily clad, tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

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Obama leads McCain in national poll

Solid margins among women, minorities and young voters have powered Barack Obama to a 6 percentage point lead over John McCain in the presidential race, according to a poll released Tuesday.

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Was anti-gun activist an NRA spy?

A gun-control activist who championed the cause for more than a decade and served on the boards of two anti-violence groups is suspected of working as a paid spy for the National Rifle Association, and now those organizations are expelling her and sweeping their offices for bugs.

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Too much politics in politics

Besieged by an energy crisis that is sending the cost of everything soaring, Americans are desperately seeking problem-solving leadership. But all they are getting is showmanship.

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