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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Who’s Lacing McCain’s Gruel with Tranquilizers?

Why is John McCain speaking to us as though we’re his grandchildren? Is someone sprinkling tranquilizers on his gruel to keep his temper even? It’s almost embarrassing to listen to his speech — s-l-o-w, deliberate, and very sing-song-y, just the way childhood fairy tales are read to five-year-olds. Maybe he has us mixed up with Bush.

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McCain’s attacks are paying off

Intensified attacks by Republican John McCain on the character of his Democratic opponent have coincided with Barack Obama losing a nine percentage point advantage in a national poll, which showed the candidates running dead even over the weekend.

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‘Wet & Wild’ McCain courts biker vote

Presumptive GOP Presidential nominee John McCain’s "do anything for a vote" strategy takes him today to the anything-goes town of Sturgis, South Dakota, where the candidate will court the biker vote amid naked beauty pageants, nude mud wrestling events, public nudity and drunken fights.

McCain will speak at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a gathering of 400,000 or more motorcycle riders, hangers on and party girls. McCain’s speech is sandwiched in between the "Ringing Wet & Wild" women’s mud wrestling event and the Miss Buffalo Chip contest.

Bikers, many of them vets, might seem like a natural audience for former Vietnam Prisoner of War McCain but a candidate who also tries to cater to the self-righteous right-wing of the Republican Party may be courting disaster by mixing politics with naked women, drunken brawls and public debauchery.

It’s that kind of political year.

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A lesson of history for today’s world

It is said that you can line up all the world’s economists end-to-end and still never reach a conclusion. However, one crucial consensus seems to be emerging in recent years among market watchers: the Reagan era of deregulation is coming to an end.

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Mission partly accomplished

President Bush had legitimate success in Iraq to announce, but the way he chose to do it spoke volumes about how chastened this White House has become since the heady days of Bush’s first term. The days of showy staged announcements like the triumphal and woefully premature "Mission Accomplished" carrier landing are long gone.

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Irradiating our mail

Since the 2001 anthrax attacks, the feds have spent $75 million on nuking millions of pieces of mail sent to Congress, the White House and Cabinet departments, to protect against evildoers bent on sending poisonous organisms to bureaucrats and politicians via the post.

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