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Friday, July 19, 2024

Why McCain’s internet ignorance matters

In today’s world, very few people are not in someway effected by the internet. The internet allows us to communicate with people all across the world. New laws are going to be passed or at least attempt to be passed. New federal judges, some perhaps Supreme Court judges are going to rule on internet laws which will have a profound ripple effect across our future.

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Justice Dept. violated federal laws

The Justice Department under former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales routinely violated federal hiring laws by using politics, sexual preference and other illegal criteria to replace qualifications, an internal report concludes.

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Another record deficit

The White House has disclosed that the Bush administration will be leaving behind a nasty house-warming gift for the next president: a record budget deficit of $482 billion in fiscal 2009.

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Accepting moral responsibility for Iraq

A successful surge in Iraq is welcome news, but legislators, the media, and average Americans should exercise caution and some skepticism before accepting any news about Iraq that they’re already eager to hear. And bear with me for raising an old-fashioned issue, but is there still a question of moral responsibility for this war that should be addressed before we declare victory in Iraq?

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The media’s love affair with Obama

Appearing at a rally in behalf of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932, humorist Will Rogers said in introducing the Democratic presidential nominee that he would keep it short because he didn’t feel like wasting too many words on a "mere candidate." The American press should take note.

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Obama’s risky surge strategy

With the United States fighting two wars on foreign soil, Barack Obama promises to end the bad one, in Iraq, and to escalate the good one, in Afghanistan. He still opposes the troop surge that has dramatically lowered the level of violence in Iraq even as he proposes a troop surge sure to increase the violence in Afghanistan.

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Is John McCain really Bob Dole?

It’s an election between old and new.

The Republican presidential candidate is a former war hero and seasoned senator who would be the oldest president in history when he starts his first term. His opponent is a much younger, charismatic Democrat.

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Barack Obama’s smoking gun

Whether it makes a difference that Barack Obama once was a smoker (and may be struggling to keep a nonsmoking status) may depend on whether or not you smoke.

Whether it makes a difference that he’s working to quit his addictive habit may depend on whether or not you’ve quit.

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