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Sunday, October 1, 2023

McCain backs effort banning affirmative action

WASHINGTON (AP) — Presidential challenger John McCain said Sunday that he supports a proposed ballot initiative in his home state that would prohibit affirmative action policies from state and local governments. A decade ago, he called a similar effort “divisive.”…

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Obama: Iran should take U.S. seriously

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Presidential candidate Barack Obama said President George W. Bush’s decision to send a senior diplomat to nuclear talks with Iran was a substantive move and should be taken seriously by Tehran.

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Obama defends his globe trotting

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Democratic candidate Barack Obama returned to a tight U.S. presidential campaign on Sunday and defended his weeklong globe trotting, saying “we did it really well.”

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Terrorism: Still Alive and Flourishing

After almost 8 years of the Bush administration, do Americans feel safer now from Al Qaeda and terrorism? If so, is it reality-based?

Has the Bush administration really done that much to quell global terrorism?

These are good questions to ask because most Americans don’t really know the answers.

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Debate over black personal responsibility grows

MIAMI (Reuters) – When Paulette Richards’ kids grew up and left home she thought she was done parenting. Instead, she has joined the growing ranks of black U.S. grandparents raising grandchildren because their own children can’t — or won’t.

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