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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Voter Myths Regarding McCain and Obama

It is certain that the remainder of the 2008 Presidential Campaign will focus on the supposed “weaknesses” of the 2 candidates.

Is McCain really “older than dirt” and is he healthy enough to be the next president?

Is Obama so “inexperienced” and “pro-Muslim / pro-Black” that it will hurt America if he is elected?

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Justice Dept. approved CIA torture

The Justice Department in 2002 told the CIA that its interrogators would be safe from prosecution for violations of anti-torture laws if they believed "in good faith" that harsh techniques used to break prisoners’ will would not cause "prolonged mental harm."

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Bush outfoxes Obama with policy shifts

Barack Obama wants to sound like the voice of reason on U.S. foreign policy — the guy who would abandon Bush administration policies he sees as shortsighted, self-defeating or just plain wrong. Problem is, George Bush keeps beating him to it.

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Obama beats McCain in Europe donations

LONDON (AP) — Barack Obama’s campaign has received roughly 10 times more money from declared U.S. donors living in Germany, France and Britain than his Republican rival, reflecting his popularity in Europe as he makes his first tour of the continent as the presumed Democratic nominee….

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Home foreclosures up 14 percent

US home foreclosures leapt nearly 14 percent in the second quarter from the previous quarter, research group RealtyTrac said Friday in a sign of deepening housing woes.

On an annual basis, home foreclosure filings soared 121 percent from the same period in 2007, RealtyTrac said in releasing a survey of the country’s 100 largest metropolitan areas.

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The truth lives inside

While the West claim that extremist from developing countries are terrorising them because they are jealous of their advancements, the developing countries claim that developed nations are terrorising them to keep them subservient.Muslims and Christians point fingers at each other. Ruling and opposition parties across the globe shout terror at each others faces.

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