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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Speaker Pelosi threatens to “pack-up and go home”?

Maybe Pelosi SHOULD pack-up and go home for good!

The word is that rather than approve proposed legislation for oil drilling, Pelosi threatened to “pack-up and go home”.

It’s not the first time the House Speaker diverts the need to resolve issues only to place them on hold.

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Birth Control is abortions.

Bush is at it again. This time he calls birth control such as pills and gizmos applied to women as abortions. Hillary has labeled this as an insult to women and for the first time in all these years, I have to agree with her.

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Obama meets Afghan President

Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama met Sunday with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, a man Obama has chided for not doing enough to rebuild his war-torn country.

Obama and Karzai held talks and lunched together at the presidential palace in Kabul. Karzai’s office released video showing the two men seated in front of a marble fireplace, chatting and smiling. They made no public comment.

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Gore works the Netroots

Last year it was about the candidates. This year it’s the climate.

Former Vice President Al Gore made a surprise appearance Saturday at the Netroots Nation conference, a gathering of nearly 2,000 left-leaning bloggers and political organizers. He urged the activists to mobilize for global climate protection by amplifying his call to generate all the nation’s electricity from renewable sources like wind, solar and geothermal in 10 years.

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